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    Pluto may be a planet again after it was downgraded to a new status by the the International Astronomical Union in 2006. Scientists at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics recently…

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  • Marius Rye Says:

    Why do so many (Especially Americans) love Pluto unconditionally? It’s a
    tiny fucking space object made of mainly ice, change your views based on
    the latest science and don’t personify planets, planetoids, plutoids etc.?

  • PolyphonicPress Says:

    OK, it’s a planet but is it a planet in our solar system? Or is it too far

  • BUD7H357UD Says:

    Stop the discrimination, just make it a planet!?

  • MsHojat Says:

    2:05 ” *it’s still not true* “— *No* you dummy, if there is egg in the
    product, there *is* a chance it has Salmonella bacteria in it, which is
    harmful or even fatal for children. It’s a small chance of Salmonella, and
    a small chance of death, but it is a very real threat.?

  • jllovit Says:

    From now on, Pluto will be categorized as the one and only ‘iutonyerotiuba’
    in the solar sytem. Problem solved.?

  • Danielle Zana Says:
  • Frank Kelley Says:

    Science is a method for discovering, in a rigorous systematic manner, the
    properties of the natural world. If you want rigid truths, stick with
    religions and other woo.

    Science is in constant flux, it doesn’t care if you’re confused when new or
    refined data causes some pet belief, or planet, to be tossed out or
    reclassified. Science is not a path to truth, it’s a struggle for

  • TheCaptainSlappy Says:

    Uranus is a Black Hole.?

  • Lee Burkett Says:

    Here’s the thing:
    This appears to be a case where Science itself is groping to define exactly
    what criteria we should use to define the word “planet.” The very fact that
    there are still a number of competing theories is certainly evidence that
    the scientific community hasn’t yet come to a consensus.
    This is in no way a failure of science, or of the scientific method.
    Actually, it is a good example of how science works: in the absence of
    unequivocal objective data, various theories compete to fill the “best
    available explanation.”
    At it’s simplest, if you draw a straight line and label one end “Not a
    Planet” and the other end “Definitely A Planet”, a certain point on that
    line defines the difference between what is, and what is not a planet.
    That point has yet to be defined.
    As Gabriel points out, the larger reality exists out there regardless of
    our understandings or definitions. ?

  • arjenbij Says:

    This woman doesn’t come off very proffesional at all. Too far away from the
    sun are you fucking kidding me??

  • PrincessTS01 Says:

    no its a fucking dwarf planet?

  • MrRN222 Says:

    Pluto is a Real Dog . LOL !?

  • Arun Nair Says:

    Why do we go through Pluto debate all the time? Our most current definition
    of planet is good. It excludes objects we wouldn’t consider planets and it
    includes those that we do. Pluto (one we previously considered as a planet)
    fell out the planetary definition. If we choose to include Pluto, we will
    have to call several other objects that are in space, planets as well.?

  • tregonzo Says:

    There are other objects in the Kuitper Belt lager than Pluto, as well as a
    couple asteroids in the main belt that are also rounded by gravity but have
    a few neighbors. What’s the cutoff, if Pluto is a planet then so should
    Ceres, Pallas and Vesta, Haumea and Makemake. Do we keep adding these
    little round balls to the list of ‘Planets’ as we find them? ?

  • Wolfee Darkfang Says:

    What I find weird about this is we keep finding all these planets that
    “could” support life way beyond our system, but we still have trouble
    determining if one of our own planets is a planet or not…?

  • Thomas Zawacki Says:

    Back in the “olden days” we had a saying for this. It’s called “splitting
    hairs”, you can do it, but for what reason??

  • Oddman Badman Says:

    give to her in the ass?

  • DJS506 Says:

    Why not include Ceres as well…?

  • OneLiner66 Says:

    I am glad that the scientists have finally stopped denying the truth. :D?

  • Preston Kibbey Says:

    Another thing main stream isn’t talking about when it comes to global
    warming is that ALL planets in the solar system are WARMING. So there is
    much more to it then what NASA is explaining to the people.?

  • spiralcosmosart Says:

    DILLIGAF? it’s a round spherical object.?

  • Henrik buitenhuis Says:

    Thanks from Denmark?

  • arjenbij Says:

    I can see no reason to why Pluto should be a planet. It simply doesn’t meet
    all of the 3 criteria. If they make pluto a planet then they would have to
    make Ceres, Eris and Sedna planets too.?

  • Oddman Badman Says:

    I would like to bag this chick talking?

  • Jojo Ash Says:

    yes Pluto is a planet simple. i don’t listen to white devil fake
    scientists savages anyway. HAND OFF PLUTO SIMPLE. no laser
    beams s on Pluto. fuck off NASA SPACE TERRORISTS MILITARY ORG.?

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