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  • Kanan Gill Says:

    In Olds and News and news we tell you whats happening in the news, coupled
    with what’s happening in the olds! (A random historical time)
    This week! Two faced phones, freezing eggs, Pluto and the Nobel Peace

  • Amrita Sharma Says:

    +Kanan Gill …this will probably the last tym I’m gonna say please read
    the mail I’ve sent to ur manager!! -_-

  • vidhi mehta Says:

    My first reaction on seeing the second part is out was all “Oh no why are
    they doing this again. The first one was so lame, but I’ll still watch this
    one out of louve”. And now that I have seen the video, I just can’t stop
    laughing. This is too good. I can’t wait for the third part to come out.
    Such hilarity. Much wow.?

  • Kaavya Bector Says:

    Hey stop hating on Kenny, I think he’s funny! Although I was freaked out by
    the fact that I couldn’t see his neck for the majority of this video. :/?

  • Irma Husain Says:

    I love the randomness and wtf element in all your videos and it’s
    definitely my kinda sense of humor..
    But this one went a little too off after the Pluto joke.. Kinda felt as if
    it you guys didn’t have more content..
    The rest of it was freaking amazing.. And you’re so dreamy Kanan that I
    would watch it if you just stood there and dug your nose for half an hour! ?

  • Divesh Jain Says:

    First one to comment!! Woahhoo!! Way better than the last Olds and News!!
    Biswa aka Pluto Upadhyay!! Mind blowing stuff xD ?

  • Sahil Shah Says:

    Hahah just what were you guys smoking??

  • vijay vishnu Says:

    Let me quote Biswa. Sometimes you get an idea for a video.. And you just
    don’t make it.?

  • VivekMishra2010 Says:

    hate this mofo kenny?

  • Payal Choudhari Says:

    i love you kanan 333?

  • Perry Katrak Says:

    I love this new series, and biswa was especially amazing in this one XD?

  • Deepawali Mehta Says:

    “YOU DA” lmao xD Biswa’s my fav xD?

  • pranjal86able Says:

    you guys are really swinging it these days, blanking all the time. it has
    stopped being cute.?

  • Utkarsh Upadhyaya Says:

    It is so hard to shoot videos like that :D?

  • Shreya Chandra Says:

    This is so good, dang it!?

  • Parasmita Bhattacharjee Says:

    Kenny <3 ?

  • ???? ????? ????? Says:

    ?? ???? ????? ???? ?? :(?

  • Ratik Sharma Says:

    I love you guys but this video just wasn’t funny. I get what you’re trying
    to do here and some of bits in the video were actually well executed but
    the rest of it was just really random and ruining the flow of the video.
    Cheers! #nohate ?


    love that hairy dude

  • Sagar Mahapatra Says:

    You Da, Everybody Da. XD Biswa is the best!! LMAO ?

  • dj shelin Says:

    this was way better thn d previous olds n news … really i laughed out
    loud …u ppl rly seemed high ….keep it up :P?

  • Vivian Darkbloom Says:

    Biswa, why do you have to be so cute??

  • Shriya Awachat Says:

    In the same vid!!!
    Its like a dream come!!!
    U guys have no idea how much I love u…
    Awww! U guys r the best! 3

  • Aboli Joshi Says:

    Haan, I thoda LOL-ed also in this one.
    See? I told you na. Getting better.
    Keep doing this.?

  • ashfaq dawood Says:

    You people are so stoned :D?

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