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  • thornews Says:

    You guys are awesome and far too kind.?

  • Bernard Coldwell Says:

    Shared with my circles

    *20140914* A look ahead and what can be seen?

  • thornews Says:

    The Most Exciting 365 days Ever in Astronomy starts now. Comet Siding
    Spring @ Mars New Horizons @ Pluto Dawn @ Ceres & more?


    When the danger comes it will come from space.
    I feel it in the force?

  • Reverend Mark Says:

    if it starts raining beer then i’ll be impressed don’t think you can drink

  • seeingatruth Says:

    The asteroid RC passed much closer to earth than siding will to Mars.?

  • Kevin Rice Says:

    There has been red dust getting on my fucking shoes the last two nights and
    the clouds are mmmm odd so to say here in fort wayne?

  • Marc Briere Says:

    The only thing more exciting then the year to come are the videos you make
    on the exciting things in the year to come. I look forward to them


  • cyfer4420 Says:

    Love ur show bro?

  • jleetxgirl Says:

    “Write that down in ink.”?

  • bowekaya Says:

    Starting to think you really do work for NASA outreach program. Mmmhh,
    anyway my bitch puppy dog turns red when she passes through my umbra!?

  • Turjid Vaseline Says:

    If it’s anything like ISON, the pictures will be phrickin Phenomenal!

    asterisk* lol?

  • Elizabeth Kellett Says:

    Sounds like fun! Life is amazing and full of magic and wonder :-)?

  • Rbee1 Says:

    I will stay to be astonished.?


    Man…..The question must be “Who robbed all the Fucking spoons”lmao?

  • robertw984 Says:

    they still charge a fee to watch the movie matrix.?

  • Marcus Aurelius Says:



    10 4 gud buddy?

  • itsJustin Says:

    Man, I love your videos.. They are SOO interesting & educational. Keep it
    up! :)?

  • WIL S. Says:


  • Dicer328 Says:

    Out of my nearly 100 subscriptions your channel is the one that I have to
    watch every video. That is a very short list.

    Take care.?

  • ( . Y . ) Says:

    4 people were from slitherin.?

  • Scorpinotic ( A 'hypnotic' Scorpio) Says:

    Awesome Video as ALWAYS! I appreciate your motivation and dedication. I
    have always had much respect for you, except the one occasion. I hope to
    see more and more of your work soon…if you dont get the job at nasa! With
    three jobs, I know you would try…but you wouldn’t have much time man!
    Now I said I wasn’t ever going to comment again because of the comment wars
    that seem to “Arrive” at my responses. But I will try this again. I hope I
    do not get accusations, made fun of, called a nut,a shill,or a person who
    is trying to “steal” subscribers…as this is, has, and NEVER will be the
    case. Please DO NOT take this as rude or condescending.
    …But science HAS found LIFE in our galaxy! ITS HERE!!! ON EARTH! So many
    DIFFERENT stages of life HERE don’t get respected…or researched, or
    funded, or protected, If we can make it all the way UP THERE,
    where-ever…then why havent we been everywhere in our oceans and
    mountains? Do we always “overshoot” the mark, and thats why we always miss?
    I pray “other” life stays hidden from us. Then we wouldn’t have the
    opportunity to give them “diseased blankets” either!
    If we did find LIFE on another “body”…I hope they are way more advanced
    (although i do believe that would not be a good thing). But people never
    talk about if we found a “lesser than” model…”Native” to their own
    planet, You know as well as I that they all would be exploited! For
    WHATEVER we could….Its the way We have been, ARE NOW, and all of our
    “wisdom” hasn’t changed that now has it?
    My opinion is…I say Pass on the “other life” please, and keep THEM,
    SACRED and untouched! There is enough to keep us busy RIGHT HERE!
    Mankind can not even move past there OWN RELATIVE EGO, let alone EXPECT the
    “powers that be” to be responsible. And they aren’t responsible alone.
    We are Human, as ONE, that live on a LIFE ORGANISM. The ONE this galaxy was
    formed to CRADLE. We are life HERE. A response or “message”…meeting, or
    “A-rival” …would only confuse the mass’ more.
    If you were from there…seen what is happening here, and had seen the
    “before” in truth (not our written history)…Would you really just “come
    on down!” ?? Maybe, But I think we would be the hostiles…to ourselves,
    them, and our own galaxy!
    =) On that note. Be well because I truly wish you that THOR!?

  • Tracey Birnie Says:

    been with you since the start Thor ….yeehaa things are looking exciting
    pal keep up the fantastic work :) ?

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