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  • Lamusic Says:

    If anyone is interested in adding to the scopes, I found an awesome guy –
    really knowledgable- his name is under
    Scarlet Moon- ?

  • mloveleigh Says:

    FuLL oN! my back swing came by surprise todaY!! in the form of a
    re-ignition with younger hotflame.. when have recently been shown older
    i thought universe was playing a joke on me….literally was banging my
    head on my steering wheel cursing..
    but just before i watched this video, i worked out it was a test for
    clarity.. which was my destiny – final goal….
    even though there is longterm work with this journey.. i will aLways choose
    the souL {~*~}
    btw, only sharing my bizarre stories to help back up what david is trying
    to explain & to help others find their clariTy too~?

  • VanityVain1 Says:

    You really talk to me! Thanks Leo king! Peace?

  • Charles Taylor Says:

    F’s Yeah!?

  • Nettie Jacobs Says:

    Just jump into the Capricorn energy of “Yup, I see the mountain – and I own

  • eebeelive Says:

    Great interpretation today!?

  • Lydia Dawn Says:

    I told my lover that we had to end our relationship!!! It was so hard, but
    my heart told me it had to be. Hard! At the same time, glad I was able to
    do what needed to be.?

  • Mayra Calderon Says:

    Wow love you, love you
    You can’t imagine how your messages help me daily !!! ;*?

  • Esther Hickey Says:

    Love you!!! XOXOXOXXOXOXO?

  • Judi Angel Says:

    Are you ready for long term work and bold moves for your dreams?Go, create,
    manifest…you are golden when you know what you want. Get your creativity
    on! Thank you, David, for who you ware and what you do. Blessings!?

  • Nicholas D Says:

    Really liked the message today!?

  • Sarah Mahoney Says:

    September 4 is my birthday ?

  • Aska LittleWitch Says:

    AMAZING!! Totally feeling the energy of today <3?

  • Dawn Sheree Says:

    i’m an inbetween case, i’m doing the work but i don’t know what i want,
    lol, well i sort of do?

  • missbiancamendoza Says:

    Thanks for todays forecast.?

  • Sheila Roberson Says:

    Solar return day for wa, thank you for you perspective! ?

  • Diana Wann Says:

    Actually, this is so much more true than it seems at first glance….thanks
    Leo King!?

  • Ceri Jones Salahadyn Says:

    So grateful. Iron sharpening Iron, Thank you for keeping it real David!
    Roots deep, Game on, in The Beautiful Struggle!?

  • Vian K Says:

    Thank you for visiting me in my dream last night and delivering a message
    to me. I got to connect with you spiritually in another dimension. I must
    say, that was the first time that’s ever happened and you gave me some of
    the best advice I could’ve asked for. You’re amazing! ???????????????????????????

  • Juli Maynes Says:

    what do you mean with 3+ years David ??

  • bigjoecf Says:

    Thanks for these videos! they’re always so helpful.?

  • niqa74 Says:

    My patience has been tried and still continues too. When I make my mind up
    about something, I do not change. My bold move has been to think things
    through before I quickly decide because buttons are being pressed. I am
    thinking about the repercussions of my decision because some people do not
    seem to know any better although I think they are learning I am not playing
    games. I will see how things pan out but I am praying to my God for his
    guidance. It is hard for this Aqua grl but I am working on being cool.?

  • Dawn Sheree Says:

    Thank you somebody finally agrees with me that ego is not bad, cus if you
    don’t love your ego, don’t accept your negative and positive traits, you’ll
    never be whole but always fragmented searching for your other half when
    it’s right there in you?

  • Sheila Roberson Says:

    Solar return day for wa, thank you for you perspective! ?

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