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  • Cary-Ann Glastonbury Says:

    You just smashed that right out the park my friend! May 20th 2012 was a
    brief moment of profound insight and yesterday, after all the
    incredibly intense energies, ears ringing like you wouldn’t
    believe….vibrating like a toothbrush left on the bathroom side…. I was
    given the clarity I have so longed for from my angles! I’VE BEEN WAITING SO

  • The Leo King Says:
  • Judi Angel Says:

    Raise the bar and be ready to take the powerful next step…You can have
    happiness! Courage for the adventure ahead. Thank you, David, for who you
    are and what you do. Blessings!?

  • Dee Westcott Says:

    Awesome! ;)?

  • Vivian W Says:

    In may 2012 was when i graduated high school! Lol ?

  • Kat Angel Says:

    Wonderful report David. And Thank You for taking the time out on your tour
    to communicate with us. I know it must be challenging… but We all
    appreciate you!?

  • Gail Kenyon Says:

    Wonderful Changes :) Blessings and Love Brother ;)?

  • Sunriser Lark Says:

    Wow David! Exciting and scary at the same time ! LOL Love, love, love all
    the new videos in premium. I SO look foreword to Mondays now! (Did I say
    that before?) This Virgo with Jupiter in Virgo 4th house is READY or well
    will be after I make a clear LIST of just exactly what I want to manifest
    this week into the beyond. Thank you! List begins: Dear Manager, I
    appreciate you so very much and I thank you for all you do for me. I see
    some things I’d like to improve upon and others I’d like to change
    completely as you will see. Here is my list………………….. :)
    hehe ?

  • Suzanne Slaw Says:

    Fantastic report for today!!! Feeling all of this so intensely and, yes,
    May 2012 was a pivotal point when I decided to stop denying myself/my
    spiritual path for the sake and energy others. I got goosebumos when you
    mentioned here about owning your Power! Exactly!! Thanks so much for your
    dedication and passion, David! :-) ?

  • sfcalvinaz Says:

    Keep on keeping on sir. Thanks for all you do.?

  • sleepingwhale Says:

    You’re right David.. I do really know what I want ?

  • jasmineoil Says:

    I got fired end of may 2012 from a job I loved.?

  • Esther Hickey Says:

    Love you!!!! XOXOXOXO?

  • Pizzahedd Says:

    david is picking up on that chicago chill haha. loved seeing you this
    saturday bro. awesome talk?

  • Kandi Chehade Says:

    You are soooo on target David with this report…thank you so much! You
    have helped bring me to a whole new level of awareness, especially with
    regards to the May 20th 2012 date….sooooo significant! You are a true
    gift to me and this world! May you be blessed beyond measure with your
    event tour and I will be looking out for an Orlando event in the near
    future….hint hint:) LoL Hubby and I cannot make it to Jacksonville on
    that date but when the stars line up we will see you in Orlando:)?

  • Debora Mae Says:

    Right on for me too! Amazing that you read on a personal level even though
    its general. Thanks for taking the time for us.?

  • Diana Solis Says:

    yepp sounds about right, great reading david ?


    Hell yeah!! I’m feelin it! ?

  • mary koch Says:


  • Xiomara Soto Says:

    I got pregnant end of May 2012.. Surprise surprise!! ?

  • Dawn Leahy Says:

    Hey David, it’s so fab seeing MY Chicago paired with your fabulous daily
    horoscope. It was amazing meeting you, my friend. Rock on! :)?

  • Ryan Kristofferson Says:

    ?????????????????? thanks!?

  • mjm0968 Says:

    I can’t help but notice all the comments from others about resonating with
    what happened back in May of 2012. You are a prophet, my friend, with all
    the homeruns you hit with this horoscope reading. For me, that time in 2012
    was a profound time of change for me that felt like a death. I released
    what needed to be let go of and I’m finding myself in the EXACT same
    position today with the same cast of characters. I, too, have felt the
    extreme intensity building up to this time and was overcome with raw
    emotion at having to take that next brave, bold step towards my own
    spiritual liberation. I’m trepidatious and more than a little terrified of
    what will transpire from this, but I know in my soul if I want to release
    this prison of pain I’ve been in, I need to take that leap of faith. Thank
    you for your insightfulness and most of all, for the validation that I’ve
    been feeling from these intense energies surrounding us all.?

  • AtranscendedMother Says:

    Yesterday without seeing your horoscope i finally made that “NEXT STEP” but
    at the time i wasnt to sure if it was the right thing to do, but now with
    your confirmation i know for sure it was. I was in an extremely stressfull
    job working with extremely difficult people for 19 months. And finally
    yesterday i said enough was enough and left it behind me.. and WOW what an
    uplifting feeling that is. i don’t know what door will open next, but i
    truly am at that point in my life where i am ready to let my dreams come
    true.. it feels so balanced.. i feel blessed. so thank you David.. You are
    an angel.. xx?

  • meegzx3 Says:

    When are you coming to Michigan!??

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