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  • cheatmongul Says:

    i wished they put Pluto back as a planet.?

  • GengoNoTabi Says:

    I never realized the size ratio between Pluto and Charon. The wobble in
    Pluto’s orbit must be at least the size of it’s diameter. It’s hard to tell
    because of it’s irregular shape.?

  • maan20009 Says:

    When do we expect to get images clearer than Hubble images??

  • Rory Shields Says:

    Could Pluto have an irregular shape?!!?

  • ???? ????. Says:

    NASA’s New Horizons snapped the big dwarf planet and its nearby moon for 5
    days (July 19th-24th, 2014). Charon is 750 – 753 miles diameter, the
    largest known compared to the size of its host planet. Some consider
    Pluto-Charon a binary planet. — What Are Pluto’s Other Moon Named? ?

  • Michael P Says:

    Pluto doesnt even look like a sphere!?

  • Ian Atkinson Says:

    Pluto and Giant Moon Charon Imaged By Probe | Video.?

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