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  • pufftique Says:

    Omg this is so cute!! It’s rich in content, well filmed and executed! I’ll
    definitely vote for you!! I can’t believe you only got such little subs,
    hope this channel will grow rapidly. Sorry this is not related to the
    content, I found your video because I was searching for Lumix GX7! I want
    to purchase this camera, and by the look from your video it seems like it
    picks up details really well. I hope you don’t mind me asking you some
    questions :D! What do you think of using GX7 for filming tutorials, and
    what lense are you using? I’m thinking to get the 14-42mm kit lense.
    Thanks! Sorry again for the bother! ?

  • BkahG92 Says:

    I LOVE THIS!! your videos are so well made and I hope to try this tutorial.
    Hope you get chosen for Sweetorials <3?

  • bumbleboy11 Says:

    All so cute some funny parts in video will totally send this video to
    sisters :3?

  • BudgetHobby Says:

    A tutorial video for Sweetorials Auditions July 2014!?

  • Maite Jacobo Says:

    Ps I love this video???????????? ?

  • Sophia P Says:

    I hope you get in. I love your videos.?

  • Maite Jacobo Says:

    Donald Duck

  • BkahG92 Says:

    You’re becoming one of my fav crafters along with +Maqaroon ^^?

  • Jacqueline C Says:

    I really really really love this, I can’t wait to get the supplies at the
    store this week ! thank you so much :), now I could make lots of my own
    instead of buying them ! ^^ ? I’ll be checking your videos out a lot. I’m
    probably going to do a lot of tsum tsum cause it’s summer :D?

  • lovebakerscookie Says:

    I love how cute and simple these are! Hope you make it to Sweetorials!?

  • All Things Disney Says:

    Cute! My favorite is Pluto!?

  • Tubby Potato Dragon Says:

    6th commenter and Donald is my favorate one?

  • Bianca Ysabel Cruzabra Says:

    so cute!?

  • littlemissspring1 Says:

    These are so adorable! Great tutorial! ?????

  • jennifer chen Says:

    I love all of them their so cute?

  • joeygurl3578 Says:

    Ahhhh,this is absolutely adorbs!!^^ amazing tutorial!!:D they look as cute
    as the actual ones<3?

  • (aly)AwayLemonade Says:

    You did so much work for the video! Very wonderful tutorial and best of
    luck with your audition with Sweetorials xx?

  • IHasTalent Says:

    Make more like chip and the cat girl?

  • SweetCraftyCupcakes Says:

    i bet you”ll win, and i hope you win!

  • Marty Lockhart Says:


  • Angel Alcaraz Says:

    Please make more tsum tsums?

  • Laura Mark Says:

    Did she make a stitch?

  • Jenny Vo Says:


  • IHasTalent Says:

    Three words: ????????u?????????????????????

  • ???? ?????? Says:

    so cute! i made some of them ^ ^ please make part two video (more tsum
    tsum) and i love them :) if you can make woody or alice and snow white :)?

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