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    At 3.7 billion miles from the Sun, the dark world of Pluto has remained a puzzle to scientists. Discovered less than one hundred years ago, new findings are …

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  • naziwar1 Says:

    mercury is almost as small as pluto shouldnt that make mercury be a dwarf
    planet as well?

  • Zak Jones Says:

    Pluto is no longer classified as a “planet”.?

  • Bobby Damiano Says:

    These people should get their facts straight. Pluto goes within Neptune’s
    orbit once, not twice, according to accurate models! This is the reason
    that Pluto didn’t make the third qualification of being a planet. The
    objects in the Kuiper Belt are so far apart from one another you’d think
    the IAU would reevaluate Pluto’s status. As far as I’m concerned until New
    Horizon’s arrives at Pluto in 2015, LONG LIVE PLUTO! 9th PLANET IN THE

  • Justus McNeal Says:

    Uranus is bigger than Pluto.?

  • Claudia Aguilar Says:

    Pluto is Ceres ?

  • chasity holderman Says:

    nuh nuh mercuy is a ittle bigger then pulto?

  • kurojin97 Says:

    New Horizons will reach Pluto in around April of 2015. I have my calendar
    marked….I can’t wait to find out if Pluto is, in fact, a planet or dwarf

  • Retta Wood Says:


  • MrMittendorf Says:

    Percival Lowell is NOT the discoverer of Pluto; Clyde Tombough is. He was
    the young protege of Lowell, but still the discoverer because Lowell died
    before 1930.

  • maktar ould Says:

    i sucked ass

  • Orri Guðjónsson Says:

    common you got it all wrong pluto was named after micey mose dog lol

  • Kate coolcatkittykat Says:

    That’s weird! An 9 or 11 year old girl called to Pluto.

  • Jackson Snow Says:

    look pluto doesn’t care that it isn’t a planet it is a peice of rock it
    amazes me how people get heated over mess like that

  • RoyCostasimgeek Says:

    @Jip4head but also because of Jupiter and the Sun tug of war, we now have
    an asteriod belt!! True Jupiter saved us from many comets

  • HockeyFail Says:

    Mercery in Uranus. Get it?

  • KsAnNa Says:

    Poor Pluto!

  • Aaron Callahan Says:

    @Timeline15 I feel sorry for people like you.

  • AquaX107 Says:

    Hi science class (It’s Joey)

  • RoyCostasimgeek Says:

    @DunneBroProductions Pluto did not clear its orbit of debris and thus is
    not considered a planet. Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune have a
    rocky/metallic core and cleared their orbits of debris ( excl. Jupiter*).
    They are one giant ball of gas 😛

  • Victorino Silvestre Jr Says:

    If there is ice, then there is water. If there is water, there are
    micro-organisms in it. Therefore, there are microbes at Antarctica, Pluto
    and moons and rings of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

  • messin1000 Says:

    The definition of a Planet is a hypocrite as Neptunes Orbit has Pluto
    coming into it then Neptune fails in the same way as Pluto to define Itself
    as a Planet

  • throwingknifeladd Says:

    @DunneBroProductions yea but pluto has a irregluar orbit

  • Timeline15 Says:

    i just realised my balls are no planets….

  • MetalHeart8787 Says:

    in my eyes & many Pluto is still a planet. But does it really Matter? when
    studying Pluto how did they not Notice Eris?

  • cdsmetalhead99 Says:

    That is really idiotic. I prefer the Metric system, but how can you expect
    us to just start using the Metric system? We use it for science, but it
    would cost tons of money to change systems.

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