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  • The Leo King Says:
  • Michelle Brunetti Says:

    Wow, you rocked it. So well said. ?

  • john archluleta Says:

    Awesome! I’ve really needed some guidance for today. Getting a lot of curve
    balls my way. Now I know why. ?

  • tess kee Says:

    My sincere “Gratitude” is with you Leo King. I’m so glad I found your
    channel. You are a very clear interpreter. Thank you for appearing on
    YouTube everyday and sharing your lovely spirit. Have a good day. Leo 8/5 ?

  • Maria Miraz Says:

    Kiss handsome?

  • sandieganliz Says:

    So, this water sign is hopeless :(?

  • Cary-Ann Glastonbury Says:

    I friggin adore you, thank you for continually enlightening us…hope
    everyone has a wonderful day, full of love and gratitude :o) ?

  • Charles D Los Angeles Says:

    Thank You David! Your June Webinar is awesome! ?

  • Tonya Schwartz Says:

    You deliver Spirit everyday… You call me out but you also align me with
    my core… For that I am grateful from the depths of my pisces soul?

  • Firstname Lastname Says:

    i have gratitude for you dave!?

  • Esther Hickey Says:

    Love you! So grateful …. XOXOXOXOXO?

  • Joanne Kobus Says:

    Wow; how easy it is to forget your gratitude….and how hard it can be to
    remember your self-love…?

  • Ewa Markiewicz Says:

    thank you David! Grateful as always!?

  • Suzanne Slaw Says:

    So very TRUE!! Gratitude is so where it’s at! And what we are consciously
    Grateful for we always get more of!!! Great report today, David. Thank
    you and So Grateful! :))?

  • Jamie Mahoney Says:

    As usual you are so spot on. its as if you are looking directly into my
    soul. This Cancer definitely goes into a dark place. i am in one now. ive
    been experiencing INTENSE transits (all cardinal) and have seen my whole
    wolrd come down. Lost my job, my home and I just found out last night I
    have to give up my cat. im devastated. that being said, I WILL dig deep (us
    cancers are tenacious) and focus on gratitude. there must always be
    something to be grateful for. Im so looking forward to Jupiter conjuncting
    my Sun and Mercury……again David, you are an amazing soul!?

  • dustyblue2ify Says:

    spot on David thanks for insights :)?

  • pazenmaz Says:

    Really enjoyed June webinar!?

  • Sonya Warlick Says:

    Hey Leo King great read! I know yours busy but when do we get a june house
    mixx :) :) :)?

  • Kelley Koski Says:

    Love! Thank you for reminding me! We must have gratitude to order to
    manifest properly! Thank you David! ?

  • diane jameson Says:

    How random that you say the Pillsbury dough boy.. and he got brought up
    today out of the blue when a customer brought up Ghostbusters earlier.. !!

  • Jessica Apger Says:

    Your amazing! Thank you for another wonderful start to my day :)?

  • Tami Marie Says:

    I watched this a few times already this morning. Great wake up
    call….thank you. My gosh, there really are sooo many things to be
    grateful for. The more that I have meditated on them the bigger my
    smile…(seriously…lha ha). The bigger the smile, the more things show up
    to be grateful for. Sheesh, if I keep going at this rate, by the end of
    today, my cheeks are going to hurt :)?

  • cindy lee Says:

    Two of my mottos: I WILL, I DO, I CAN and AN ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!! Thank
    you David!!!?

  • Judi Angel Says:

    Be rooted in gratitude to go forward in love. Higher access will help you
    now. Thank you, David, for who you are and what you do…Blessings!?

  • gaia sophia dreaming Says:

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