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  • Lada Duncheva Says:
  • maggieznoodles Says:

    sun (23.38) in virgo
    pluto (20.35) in libra?

  • dasman7399 Says:


    Omg! I love this video, so incredibly helpful,
    I would appreciate your feedback!!!!!

    (Sun) 17:32 in Libra
    (Pluto) 4:47 in Libra

    Your thoughts?! ?

  • Dany Shudler Says:

    Hi Lada I have Sun at 24.43 Gemini and Pluto at 26.49 Libra easy aspect??

  • darrenandbutterfly Says:

    Sun in Cancer @02:54 and Pluto in Scorpio @02:00?

  • Simon Heathcote-Parker Says:

    Sun Virgo 23:45. Pluto Virgo 04:36?

  • Trista Thompson Says:

    Wow Lada, you just described my life to a T, I have Pluto/Sun conjunct in
    the 3rd house Libra so my Sun is debilitated and also in Full Karma. It’s
    been a really rough ride to say the least, depression and addictions have
    plagued my life. 35th year last year was the darkest of them all. However
    at 36, I can gratefully say today that I’ve survived through the darkest of
    my Plutonian times and have gained a strength I never knew I had, I am
    stepping into my power now. I can finally see and feel the light and look
    forward to helping others transform. Thank you for the confirmation. ?

  • JuliaB1955 Says:

    Sun at 11degrees 32minutes 51seconds Libra
    Pluto at 27degrees 51minutes 20seconds Leo?

  • wiensam Says:

    Hi Lada. I have Sun 23’45 Virgo and Pluto 4’36 Virgo. Both in the 10th

  • GlycerineOxide Says:

    Hi Lada, I have Pluto in Libra at 22 degrees in the 8th squaring my Sun in
    Capricorn in the 11th at 13 degrees?

  • lemurian chick Says:

    Sun Sadge, Pluto in Virgo…squared…Plus Sun in 8th;)?

  • HereComesTheSun1111 Says:

    I have Pluto Square Sun(in Pisces) and Moon in Scorpio. Very Plutonic hehe.?

  • dasman7399 Says:


    Thank you Lada!!!

    Is this a hard conjunct?

    Ive been thru the roughest years in 2004,2011,2013
    i do feel my life tranforming for the better, like a huge layer of old
    wounds ,father growing up very strict and as an adult ego torn down thru
    unexpected events, and is building me back up to a new way of
    thinking,reacting and living, spiritually, physically, emotionally..its
    been tremendous, but Im 40 and now beginning to see light at end of tunnel.

    It shows;
    (sun) 17:32 in Libra 6th house
    (Pluto) 4:47 in Libra 6th house
    (Ascendent) 24° in Aries
    (Uranus) 23° in Libra
    (Moon) 3° in Aries

    States my Uranus is conjunct Uranus?

    I love your videos and you glow everytime, thank you for sharing with us.

  • dasman7399 Says:

    Meant it shows my Sun is conjunct Uranus.

    I have such intense passion in my life right now, thru career, home,
    competition, friends, working out, family..perhaps it’s because Mercury is
    transiting Libra..I feel so intense.. good vibes! :-) ?

  • Natu rabyme Says:

    Dear Lada, thank you so much for the work you are doing! I discovered you
    looking for a moon rahu explanation and your defenetely helped me. I am
    also sun conjunct neptune and my sun is sextile with pluto! So.. Imagine
    hehehe! Lots of thing going on but feeling good! Here a fan of yours! Love
    & light?

  • Sonny Lewis Says:

    Sun 11.23 Cancer
    (Moon 13.16 Cancer)

    Pluto 12.28 Scorpio?


    I have Sun @4:21 leo in 3rd and Pluto @09: 19 in libra in the 5th ?

  • swati bhatia Says:

    pluto(14:26) in scorpio in 3rd house & sun(26:21) in aries in 8th house
    (su+ve+me conjunction)

    & if some one has hard square sun uranus aspect & hard neptune sun aspect &
    pluto sun aspect aswell what does this condition mean??

  • Brianna Stokes Says:

    Hi Lada,
    Sun: 4.32 (Aquarius)
    Pluto: 0.12 (Sagittarius)?

  • F Ar Says:

    Sun/Cap 26°27’37
    Pluto/Libra 6°48’36?

  • Wendy DeRigo Says:

    Hi, Lada! I have Pluto in Virgo @ 24:33 and Sun in Aquarius @ 23:24. Thank
    you! :-)?

  • Heather Gordon Says:

    Sun 10:56 Aries
    Pluto 1:18 Scorpio
    Thanks for telling me about the update to the birth chart calculator lada!
    You’re the best!!?

  • Yolanda Marrero Says:

    Hola Lada my Sun is at 27:03 in pisces and Pluto in at 18:25 in Libra.
    Gracias por todo! I would also like to know where I can learn astrology,
    tarot, spiritually and everything related. Since March I’ve been glued on
    YouTube and random website reading and trying to absorb as much as I can.
    Astrology has changed my life I can get enough. Please help me, I want to
    learn in a structure manner. I’m ready ?

  • suska11 Says:

    Sun Aquarius 21.53
    Pluto Scorpio 25.28
    Does this become a square??

  • Becca Palermo Says:

    Lada, Madonna and Micheal Jackson have this combination..What if is in the
    Conjucation in 7th house like me? Pluto in libra and sun in libra..Will my
    parther transform me??

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