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    Pluto has been a newsmaker and topic of scientific fascination since Clyde Tombaugh discovered it in February 1930. While conversations continue over Pluto’s…

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  • ??????? ???????? Says:

    It’s a planet alright.?

  • lazurm Says:

    As discovery broadens the nomenclature matures, taking into account the
    diversity found with discovery. This happened with stars, galaxies, atoms,
    and so forth. So it will happen with planets, as we discover their wide
    variety the previous broad definitions will fine tune to account for these
    widening observations.

    It’s human nature to keep what was once comfortable but, as the new
    generation enters the flow, these new definitions will become increasingly
    acceptable, as they should if science wishes to keep its exactitude.

    I feel that scientists should be able to change more quickly as that is the
    nature of science, with each new discovery, but apparently, that isn’t
    always the case.?

  • Lodewijk Gonggrijp Says:

    It’ll always be the 9th planet to me <3?

  • YellowKazooie Says:

    it is not a goddamn planet, deal with it?

  • zingodoom Says:

    Ceres, Pluto, Eris, Charon even, planets. All planets?

  • Laurel Kornfeld Says:

    So whose views do we accept–424 IAU members, most of whom never studied
    Pluto or planetary science, OR the scientists coordinating an actual
    spacecraft rendezvous with Pluto using seven instruments to obtain accurate
    data? Hint: Reality in science is determined by data, not be decree.?

  • chap666ish Says:

    So Pluto is a…. planet.

    Did I get that right??

  • John C. Carter Says:

    Yep, a PLANET. Got it? Good. Move along now.?

  • Bradley Tayloe Says:

    2015 will be an amazing year for planetary science 😉 #PlutoLives ?

  • Anthony Laudun Says:

    Can’t wait to see the real thing. Great video.?

  • Joel Marks Says:

    A planet by any other name …?

  • Dan Balkwill Says:

    Neptune’s orbit seems to cross the inner limit of the Kuiper belt from this
    vid. So, if Neptune has not “cleared it’s orbit” exactly the same way that
    Pluto hasn’t – is Neptune next on the”dwarf planet” targeting??

  • Laurel Kornfeld Says:
  • NASA New Horizons Says:

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