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  • Crystal Monroe Says:

    lady if it wasent for you i would be so lost in this world im so aligned with the universe.. but i agree pisces energy is DEF affecting me latley ?

  • ebonydarkfire Says:

    i like to tell you this to see what you think im a Pisces? and a snake as well as a serpent in the zodiac i keep seeing a blue heron on a full moon in ? the same spot just about every year

  • drjules900 Says:

    Prayers? have been sent, Kelley! We’ve seen the footage of the horrible flooding and our hearts go out to all of you in Colorado. Please stay safe!

  • The code of our matrix Says:


  • Ana Ray Says:

    Sending? you love and light! Prayers are with Colorado!

  • Jinga Laurentiu Says:

    that is? true.

  • Maria Johnson Says:

    Blessings and love to all of? you out of Europe. Thank you also for all your gifts you give us. Namaste

  • Angie2braids Says:

    Big different between a Jew and a Zionist, Israel is a? Zionist State, if it were a TRUE Jewish State it would be peaceful.

  • Angie2braids Says:

    Thanks Kelley.?

  • loppy4100 Says:

    Stay safe. Prayers sent? for you all.

  • Victoria9541 Says:

    Thank you for all the love and light you send forward. This really helps me a great deal. I will pray for the? people in Colorado regarding the rain.

  • Tony Ripples Says:

    prayers and love to you and colorado.? xxx <3

  • Jinga Laurentiu Says:

    Hi Kelly, sorry for you and the rest of the people who are affected by flood. Is Biblical, yes, but it can be stop only when people repent. US raise against Syria for oil and power? When US will stop being the International Police of this world and Obama will stop calling himself, “the protector, defender of the Holy Land”. Blasphemer, all the? world is Holy for God. Jews who call them self Israel now. Israel is 12 tribes and Judah is only one tribe. Jews state? Israel[Jacob] was not Jew.

  • escapeclaus Says:

    Thank you so much,? Kelley. This Pisces Full Moon feels so good. It is as though I am adrift in the Pisces waters, but it is a calm and protected pond or cove. it is here that I can learn that peace and happiness has nothing to do with material. What you are saying about Mercury (ruling planet of Virgo) in Scorpio is true, too, in that we can use our analysis and detective ability to get underneath (and with the help of Pluto), hopefully uproot) the forces that refuse to evolve. Thank you.

  • hawaiianlife1011 Says:

    sending u love light in Hawaii its been a very dry summer……its still feels hot like summer, October is hawai’i’s hottest? month…..our summer heat is from may to dec. sending u healing to the aina (land)

  • serpentarius51 Says:

    Kelley, I am doing my darndest to keep my thoughts positive. I don’t watch mainstream news. I delete incoming neg. vids, etc. I heard you on in5d, awhile back. It’s a little hard to be up lifting when it’s literally raining radiation down on you from Fukishima.
    I have been praying for the protection of Syria, so that seems to be helping. But these banksters , idk when they will get what they deserve.
    Those? Colorado rains shouldn’t have happened. Who’s accountable for that ? Prayers for CO. too

  • MIC43mic53 Says:

    thank u Kelly. LOVE & MUCH LIGHT TO U ALL? X

  • toddongaia Says:

    year one has begun, Happy age of aquarius, cleansing energies, new beginnings, and inner transmutation. green corn moon and stargate of the equinox? is upon us. Gratitude and blessed be. Namaste, Harmony and family

  • theone561000 Says:

    My prayers are with the residents of? Colorado.

  • Ernie Brewer Says:

    stay safe Guru! It is noble that you still record these? videos, and channel this storm with creative insight!

  • Acadia Adaire Says:

    What about women who become? depressed? What is out of balance there?

  • 1ConsciousElevation Says:

    Kelley,? YOU ROCK!

  • summertimebella Says:

    Prayers to you? and everyone in Colorado :-)

  • Wodaabegirl Says:

    Thank you!!!! I always look forward to your podcasts & videos. Sending you? love & light in Colorado. Stay safe. Om

  • Evan Mason Says:

    So Awesome! Thank you so much Kelley!? Lots of love and Light to everyone!

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