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  • Brendan J Says:

    I imagine? your pluto and im……GOOFY!

  • Sky Shimmertail Says:

    I wish someone would make a video of all the hugs in? this game

  • disneyphilip Says:

    It’s really cute and funny when Pluto licks the player and the player wipes themselves. And that dance he does is very funny, too.

  • TsWade2 Says:

    Pluto is so cute? and cuddly.

  • PawLUTO Says:

    Pluto is amazing after all. :)

    Yeah I’m surprised there isn’t more KDA? stuff on youtube or anywhere really. Hope Disney World Adventures is better than this one, though I haven’t finished this yet either. Also I neeeeed Pluto avatar items for the xbox live avatar things. MUST HAVE.

  • Plu09530 Says:

    This is… amazing. Absolutely amazing. ?

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