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  • BattleBunny1979 Says:

    yup, you nailed it. ?

  • ElGatoLoco698 Says:

    I’m not astronomer but I think I know why. Pluto is so far away and so small that even Hubble can’t get a? good picture of it. Remember, Pluto is orbiting the sun which makes Hubble’s deep field useless. So in order to get a good shot of Pluto, Hubble would need to have a very tiny aperture open for a long time. I compare it to taking a picture of a moving golf ball from several miles away. It doesn’t matter how precise you make the camera, it is still going to be blurry.

  • ElGatoLoco698 Says:

    Pluto was named by an 11 year old girl who was born in . It was named after Pluto, the greek god of the underworld. Sometimes the Greek god of the underworld is? also called Hades. All the planets are named after Greek gods. Even the new dwarf planets being discovered. It was named in1919 by an 11 year old girl and had nothing to do with the cartoon character Pluto. In fact, I don’t think Disney even existed back then.

  • Arthur Mullin Says:

    Pluto? is small, so it reflects little light.

  • carlos morales Says:

    If hubble can see so far away..why can’t? it see pluto?

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