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  • Avalon Foodlover Says:

    um… my profile? picture?

  • Evan Stiff Says:

    Are? you that girl in the picture?

  • connor whitney Says:

    It’s reality?

  • Avalon Foodlover Says:

    Would you say that Pluto is the *puts? on sunglasses* Runaway Planet?

  • Anna Casavan Says:

    No shit?

  • kris stefanof Says:

    Dude there is 3 letters in “Die” !!hahaaha?

  • James Batchelor Says:

    It’s meant? to…

  • ferrarif430i Says:

    Lost in *whispers* space that? song sounds cool

  • naal13 Says:

    Yeah, it is unfortunate that the music industry has become what? it has. But still, I think Ray is passionate about what he does. He usually is with all his projects. I don’t know if you watch his Runaway Planet vlog, but I’d recommend it. You’d see another side of him and the way he thinks.
    Still, I guess only time will tell what’s gonna happen with all his projects and whether they’re gonna be good or not. :)

  • RiskyOvenChips Says:

    Well that’s what pissed me off about today’s music industry. You don’t NEED to be talented or extremely dedicated and passionate to become famous, all you? need is a bloody computer. And true, for all i know he may create a master piece of a Sitcom, as much as i doubt it, i shouldn’t be too judgmental.

  • Ian Dalton Says:

    2:54 It? says 8 hours later

  • caleb Da estrela Says:

    Pluto ain’t? a planet, but Uranus is

  • Peter Chavez Says:

    Anna’s lipstick? bothers me in the end

  • dracel10 Says:

    I don’t think Pluto been a planet for ten years. A little late are? we?

  • Anna Rose G Says:

    I think he is a very good musician. He is good at everything he? does.

  • naal13 Says:

    Dude, he´s making rap music. You don’t really need to be a talented musician to make rap music. I’m not saying a rapper can’t also be a good musician, I’m just saying it’s not necessarily a must. So if he has good lyrics and drops a? cool beat, let him have it. As for the sitcom he’s writing, we haven’t even seen the pilot yet (if it gets made). Don’t put the carriage in front of the horses…

  • subblonde2010 Says:

    whats the song? at the beginning ???

  • RiskyOvenChips Says:

    I’m not stopping him, I’m just saying he’s a bad musician. Much like how i don’t think he’s a good enough comedian to make a Sitcom, but i still? enjoy =3

  • killodragon Says:

    Pluto and its moons are now known to be just a large example of a collection of objects called the Kuiper Belt.They extends? from the orbit of Neptune out to 55 astronomical units.(The length of the Earth to the Sun is on astronomical unit) There are at least 70,000 icy objects, with the same composition as Pluto. Astronomers had been turning up larger and larger objects in the Kuiper Belt. They find Eris a object just like Pluto in Kuipers belt. Thus leading to the Degrading of Pluto.

  • jaiwalia901 Says:


  • jaiwalia901 Says:

    Riley Rewind Release Date, massive fan of the slew motion camera by the? way :-)

  • thejonnyman1222 Says:

    When does this? come out?

  • DeathRebel369 Says:

    i? see you rockin dem boomphones

  • Amado Lainez Says:

    Dear NASA? Pluto is bigger then you guys form talor swift

  • Richard Cherry Says:

    Pluto is a god damn planet. I don’t care what some other scientists say, it’s? a planet.

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