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  • Trebgah Says:

    I believe that’s what the chaotic and then peaceful themes represents, the journey through Hades. At the end, with the chorus, you find where you belong.?

  • Trebgah Says:

    Not at? all. Pluto was simply the ruler of the world of the dead. Thanatos was the one who ‘killed’ people in a sense, and he would only do it when it was time. After death, you are brought through the challenges of Hades, the river styx, the judges, Minos. Once you have gone through that you are ‘renewed’ into your new, permanent life, wherever Minos decided to put you.

  • macaron28 Says:

    MAN, according to the HERMETIC PHILOSOPHERS, was a MICROCOSM of the whole universe, but with the? inverted archetypes of the planets. BY rectification, or ALCHEMY, he could transform his nature into the STONE OF THE PHILOSOPHERS, transmutation of the “base metals” ( planets ) into GOLD. VITRIOL

  • mitchblahman13 Says:

    I feel like this really does not do? the originals justice, it is very closed for most of the song and then simply explodes at parts. The music doesn’t really correlate with the feeling supposed to be conveyed. It’s almost as if this was a 2001 Space Odyssey reject. The only part that really seems appropriate is the chorus at the end.

  • mitchblahman13 Says:

    The influence was astrological,? not from Greek gods.

  • EnLugal Says:

    False.? Pluto is both a dwarf planet and a plutoid.

  • Liran Kopel Says:

    The name of the composer is Colin Matthews,? not William

  • GeneralShoggoth Says:

    It’s for the same reason Ceres, Juno, Vesta, and Pallas (all briefly considered planets when they were discovered in the 19th century) were demoted and called Asteroids. Astronomers began discovering dozens and then hundreds of other objects there. If all were included, we’d have a list of thousands? of “planets”.
    Pluto is in what’s called the Kuiper Belt, and there are dozens of other bodies of comparable size there. After Sedna, Eris, Makemake et al. were found, it became obvious.

  • Joshua Wales Says:

    Ah, not a Dwarf planet, a “Plutoid.” Which is a step above a Dwarf Planet, but still below a planet. And to Gershom, it can’t “clean its orbit,” meaning it has far too much debris and detritus in its? orbital path to be considered an actual full on planet.

  • SuperAkstudios Says:

    0:00 to 0:52 I am working on a book report in a fragile chair. 0:53 I almost do a backflip in the char and I? press caps locks and type in SHGUINI’NIREU3E9WP….

  • EnLugal Says:

    Hahaha, Americunt has spoken again and we can just laught? at your ingorance. Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet, not a chunk of ice, and it happened because other similar dwarf planets were discovered, like Eris and Sedna.

  • Jan96106 Says:

    ??? Pluto was named after the Roman God of the underworld, and what I said about it is the? way modern day astrologers interpret its significance. Moreover, Matthews, the composer, may have been quite aware of this modern interpretation as suggested by his title And since Holst didn’t write this piece, a modern composer did, I don’t see where Holst enters the picture at all. I don’t see any relevance to Holst.

  • LEGOALEX97 Says:

    The Planet’s wasn’t based off Roman Mythos though, so the first part is pretty irrelevant.

    As for the second part, since Holst died about 4 years after Pluto was discovered, Pluto would have been? represented as the Unknown like Neptune.

  • Tachin1994 Says:

    SPOILERS:? 2:53 contains A-HELL-OF transition…

  • Thomas Pearson Says:

    birth /?

  • Aidan6496 Says:

    Is there anywhere to? buy the score for either Pluto separately or the entire suite with Pluto in?

  • PennyDreadful1 Says:

    This piece threw me out of my chair the first time I heard it!
    Very palatable for a metalhead like myself? I must say!

  • Nathan Rawlings Says:

    it was? demoted to dwarf planet not floating chunk of ice.

  • Morgan Ho Says:

    A planet was redefined to a definition that excludes Pluto, as Pluto is not the largest thing in its orbit (as it sometimes trades places with Neptune). Pluto’s orbit is also severely irregular compared to that of? the other planets in our solar system.

  • zabman23 Says:

    It changed class from planet to micro-planet. Or something like that. There’s been 2 other ones discovered. But this isn’t news-worthy? when the likes of Jordan gets caught on a red carpet, with a nip hanging out.

  • zabman23 Says:

    On a base level I think you’re right, but it would depend what star sign Pluto is in to determine what it is actually breaking down. For example Aries, self-desire, would be a breakdown of ego etc. They are all named out of astrological merit, if you will. That’s why I think that the only true “destroyer” can be? Mars, and the “Underworld Pluto” one doesn’t work. (Not to mention it’s done on cubase and sounds crap)

  • Linki Kate Says:

    This scares? the hell out of me.

  • mheinrichs1974 Says:

    I don’t dislike it, as a seperate piece…but, I? have to agree…I don’t it melds well with what Holst completed.

  • agamnoth66 Says:

    I agree with Plastique, it doesn’t really sound like Holst. The? 2-4 minute range does, but it’s like the composer took various motifs of The Planets and threw them together. What really distances this piece from Holst is the post-modern wandering and constantly changing soundscape…Holst’s score was very episodic, discrete, and structured. It’s a bit hard to believe that the composer was a Holst authority.

  • plastique45 Says:

    Are you on fucking drugs or something?? This does a fair job of capture Holst’s style?! WTF, do you listen to music underwater or something, it’s not even close.

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