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  • Dailybabble Says:

    In? three years from now the New Horizon will reach Pluto and the kuiper belt and would tell us about our planet on the solar system

  • underscore2274 Says:

    New Horizons is the fastest craft build to leave earth having the title of being Fastest Spacecraft Ever Launched .

    However the record holder as being the fastest spacecraft is still voyager? 1

  • Mark Schepp Says:

    Hmm. 842 views only? One of the coolest NASA space missions to date in my opinion. And you type in someone like Taylor Swift or lady gaga or Stupid cat farting and pissing on a tree and then licking it, and you will get like 20 million views for some stupid thing like that. That is an indicator of why our society is going to go down soon. We are going the way of the dinosaur, only a few of? us give a shit and know what really matters for us.

  • AugustusAurelianus Says:

    This is the fastest craft ever built my mankind
    We should all be proud of? it

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