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  • ReturnoftheBrotha Says:

    Sega Saturn was the worst system and worst investment? in a console that I ever made!

  • CrazyAbdul32 Says:

    Sega couldn’t buy Sony, and I love Sega more than Sony but I have to say where are you getting your figures from? Sony are doing fine and are no where near bankrupt, I mean Sega is in a more financial difficulty than that of Sony. Sony may have had made a loss from Vita at start but with ps3, ps2,ps1, the electronics they sell ect, they are in a good position and SEGA cannot buy them (If they had that money they might have considered? re entering the hardware industry)

  • declanwatson15 Says:

    Everyone watch out for the Kid Nintendofan643d he obviously is talking out his babie arse. Everything you say kid is in denial. Sony would buy Sega because they have the money, but Sega buying Sony is an even retarded thing to say. Sega are? the ones who are actually going bankrupt. Sony actually has money u loser. Music, Films, headphones, TVs, Walkmans, Consoles, Games, Medical, cameras, Phones, Tablets, PCs the list goes on. Why dont you go to bed little boy and

  • declanwatson15 Says:

    I forgot to say but does Sega make what Sony does? No. Sonys name is actually up there. Theyre the #1 consumer electronics company, hmmm wonder what Sega is up there for? Oh? Sonic. Thats all they do. Sega could be bought by? Sony but if your saying Sega buying Sony and that Sony is going bankrupt then your talking out your arse and asking foe trouble

  • declanwatson15 Says:

    Into? Sony

  • declanwatson15 Says:

    Not being rude but are u retarded? Sega buying Sony? LMFAO that would never happen. Sony buying Sega would but this LMAO. Your talking out your arse son. Sony makes TVs, Games,? Consoles, Medical, Music, Films, Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Headphones the list goes on. Sony has been out way longer than Sega, Sony isnt bankrupt you absolute loser. Sega is more in a state than Sony is. You do know Simon Cowell works for Sony and that his best friend Sir Phillip Green could invest TBC

  • NINTENDOFAN643d Says:

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  • NINTENDOFAN643d Says:

    Fuck sony. SEGA ALL THE? WAY.

  • NINTENDOFAN643d Says:

    you know sega could buy sony? right? Sega is in healthy condition, sony on the otherhand is almost bankrupt. 😛

  • KimCheeWarrior Says:

    a good showcase of a saturn game running in 3d is a little known multiplatform game called powerslave. it was one of the few examples of a 3d game running better on the saturn and it was thanks to a talented development group that went by the name of lobotomy. this group was also responsible for the craze during the 32 bit era known as death tank. my memory’s a little hazy but i think the first death tank was an unlockable in powerslave and death tank? zwei was unlockable in duke nukem for saturn

  • bvzxa3 Says:

    Saturn basically had more video RAM, which was added near the end of the development of the system. It has been said Saturn was difficult to? program for because it had more processing power, but it had the 3-D capabilities to match the PS1 in every way if it was utilize properly. A common perception that Saturn lacked the ability to run 3-D is misleading, pretty much not true. In fact Saturn was capable of higher resolutions than the PS1.

  • 14catorce Says:

    I would like so much to see a Dreamcast2, a cheap system focused? on arcade style games and indie-homebrew, online gaming oriented (I mean fighters, racing, shoot’em ups… not only FPS). Sadly that’s not gonna happen.
    Looks like 720 and PS4 will be expensive systems focused on AAA and FPS again… not interested. Let’s see how Ouya works.

  • 14catorce Says:

    I guess you mean DC never reached its full potential too. Otherwise Sega corrected every? Saturn mistake with DC. It was such a great console, really easy to program for, powerful, cheap, online… too bad it had to compete with PS2 (best game library ever). Sega could support DC during that time, sales weren’t bad and games were excelent, but they lacked third party support

  • Toddo Roi Says:

    Just a memory, Sega’s new CEO wishes for the company to focus on software, infact the Dreamcast could have lasted longer if they didn’t switch CEO’s in 2002.?

  • Toddo Roi Says:

    Yes but the ps1 could only texture models with 256 colour bitmaps, while the Saturn could texture? models with 24-bit bitmaps

  • michaellopez272 Says:

    Do you guys think Sega will ever Rise again from the ashes with a? New console for the next-gen ?
    You would think they’ve had enough time to come out with a power house console.
    Or is Sega just a memory now

  • Vince Z Says:

    The guy? on the left needs to detox his dopamine receptors from caffeine and gay porn.

  • GoodAlwaysDieYoung Says:

    True, the? same thing with DreamCast.

  • WorldWideGameTube Says:

    Sega needs to go back and grab their? developers and make a console

  • Jason R Says:

    2:36 Thank you for the XBAND plug!!! I loved? playing Super Mario Kart over XBAND on my SNES!!

  • 14catorce Says:

    do you think Nintendo has to change their tone? I think their formula still works well, they want to compete for some HCmarket, but not leaving at all their classic tone and audience, let’s see if WiiU will be able? to handle the AAAs. I’m not optimistic about any system from the new gen anyway, there won’t be a huge step in therms of graphics and gameplay. Seems nobody hit the nail head since the ps2. I would like to see a Dreamcast2, but it won’t happen xD

  • 14catorce Says:

    yes, they changed that a few years later. From the launching titles I remember the horrible DBZ game with 2D sprites and lame 3D backgrounds (because they were forced to add some 3D), while Saturn had the Shinbutoden full 2D. As result Shinbutoden aged much better. In fact I think most 2D games of 32bit gen aged better than polygonal games, because at that point they mastered sprite art and 2D design, while? were just starting to develop new genres for 3D and technology was still in diapers.

  • morenaje23 Says:

    Nintendo needs to change their tone & demographic, because they’re mostly seen as the “Marios, Zelda, Pokemon” company, & they don’t seem to make drastic changes anytime soon & stick to those same IPs. I think Nintendo’s mistake with the Wii U has being their success with the original Wii as being a casual console & now Nintendo wants the hardcore back with the Wii U, & Reggie stupidly focused on the pad during E3, that would of made people believe the Wii U was simply an? add-on to the old Wii..

  • morenaje23 Says:

    Yeah, I totally remember that policy, but I think they had a change of heart later since there were the Megaman X4/5/6, Castlevania SOTN which is still the most popular of the Castlevanias, & some other games. But I totally agree PS1 was less powerful than Saturn 2D wise, I still have? my Saturn. I think having the most difficult to program for machine have it’s benefits, & the Saturn proved that was the case, meaning devs shouldn’t have an excuse making games for it, that I give Sega props.

  • ProductionsHead Says:

    I think the Saturn? would have been way more successful if it had better internals and looked like that.

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