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  • CliveAliveShow Says:

    Good but translation is a bit off. Eg, nya-man = nyabinghi man ie,
    please? check-out other vids like it.
    liked it though.

  • chimaera01 Says:

    No not good news but two twos…meaning? in no time.

  • mariogarde Says:

    I don’t understand the lyrics of this beautiful song, but i love it just the same!!… I know some words and i understand that Pluto is telling us? a story… Someday i will know the meaning of this words; for the moment i dance with this wonderful Heart-Beat Rhythm!!! Ciao! 😉 mm65

  • Steve Fleming Says:

    thank him for me too it’s a great track i just love it and? Pluto@s track dat all the best and happy xmas & new year

  • Shazmuzic Says:

    OMG I have always loved this tune, it was released the year when I first went to JA.? Love my peeps and my mum who bought the record for me.xxx

  • Greg Thompson Says:

    respect and big up all guyanese and all our west indian brothers & sisters?

  • lowKut Says:

    Love this song – growing-up in Guyana in the? 80’s this was the jam and still listening in 2012!!

  • Marolyn Gentles Says:

    Thanks to the person who uploaded this with lyrics… I never knew what this song? was saying. Just loved it.

  • ShaLa876 Says:

    lightaaaaaaa, hands in da airrr. Real music. hear d base and everything. This is the Ja I? love

  • Andrew Jeffrey Says:


  • creed771 Says:


  • TheRigger74 Says:

    Ive loved this song for thirty years but? I never knew what he was saying until now. Pretty funny!

  • Code Monkey Says:

    billy goat feet mek de earings fe yah daughtah…

    good news and the pot aboil – a hit a yam? and banana dip..

    meanwhile little watas a gwan..

    well A pop two belch and mek a slide I tek a walk go outta street

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