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  • ctraiNswagga Says:

    2:11? LMAO

  • Gonzalo Roman Says:

    only this badass man would wear a sun vest and a? pink rose

  • UnashamedlyHentai Says:

    Neptune is my favorite extra-terrestrial? planet. I would be sad if was no-longer a planet.

  • Terry Wilson Says:

    I do not understand why basic science is? so funny. I assume it is because the commenters are kids. However it is more serious that this. It shows why American is now behind all of the modern world in science. To the ignorant science is stupid because they are ignorant and hate what they can’t understand. There has never been a generation before that was never taught basic science. You will be the death of the US.

  • Grievan Dark Says:

    Neil: “Hey, number 9 looks? like something from the Kuiper Belt!”


  • AppropriatelyAwkward Says:

    Ahahaha. Brilliant.?

  • WonderVigilante Says:


  • Treblaine Says:

    Pluto is the Puerto Rico of the Solar System.?

  • Joseph Sileo Says:

    Does this mean they have to redo? all those sailor moon episodes?

  • GateMessenger Says:

    If Pluto were a Kuiper belt? object it would not cross the orbital path of Neptune.

  • Wiener Bob Says:

    So, Disney……What do you have to? say for yourself?

    “Oh boy! You’re gonna love Pluto, and like it!”

    I don’t think so. DEMOTED!!!!!!

    ” Oh shucks D-:3 “

  • Derwind Says:

    I was pissed when Pluto was demoted(I’m from the generation hate) I was still in high school then but now I’m an astronomy major….plus Neil DeGrasse Tyson is? like my hero next to Carl Sagan, so yeah, I’m not angry anymore. 😛

  • srk4044 Says:

    A lot of people ‘protested’ demotion simply for the hell of it. It was a funny thing to protest, and it was just…fun.

    However, if you think about it, I think people anthropomorphized Pluto. Here’s Pluto, the smallest of the 9 brothers and sisters, furthest away from the Sun,? and then all the sudden he gets demoted? You have to stand up for the guy against these bullies!

  • Armigo91 Says:

    Pluto is doing well now. The sun took pluto comfort by solar flares. Pluto is energized again. Lets hope we never live trough such? a painfull demotion again.
    A oversized iceball has feelings you know?

    Pluto wont be bothered with our mickey mouse probes until 2015. I think pluto deserves this comfort until then:[

  • JSprayaEntertainment Says:

    omg why? do you get thumbs up for that … hey geniuses
    so im guessing it will be a planet lol

  • aNdYmAtTeR Says:

    Neil got the? brains and Mike got the fists …

  • w0mbatina Says:

    i was pissed of? when Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet, and im from central europe. If Pluto was sentient, he would be very sad.

  • danamite666 Says:

    @Digeridude” its really only tree school for second degree”?

  • prmchuk Says:

    all you stupid asses making a fuss over a planet…..it wont affect u in anyway at ALL whether or not its? a planet……suck it up u crybabies

  • LordBLB Says:

    I with PLUTO!

    Pluto’s still a planet? to me.

    It’s all in good fun though. =P

  • joanjuneau Says:

    Pluto is my favorite planet. I identify with it. It is small, has it’s own orbit, has it’s own moons, and nobody knows where it comes from or where? it goes.

  • 007yaj Says:

    Wow, I never cared if Pluto was demoted, kids are? weird now hahaha

  • Digeridude Says:

    “So I stand? firm on Raul.”

  • Digeridude Says:

    “The pope are also commemorating in the US.”?

  • dirtyhyde8 Says:

    The new Audio speech recognition is pretty cool and funny at the same? time.

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