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  • EvolutionofMBS Says:

    Awesome!! and welcome !! ?

  • garnetmuse Says:

    Wow Kelly, new to your channel, I really love your vocabulary, just was so excited to hear the words you use to express yourself and your message. I am a fan. Alot of really helpful, useful information which is what I am always looking for at new moons, eclipses, and retrogrades, so? you hooked me in, thx.

  • Tammy Kilgore Says:

    Haha! This? video is 11:11! Cool!

  • vishal jayakodi Says:

    Anything to help kel : ) I find your intuition to be clear & strong, & your work inspiring, hence the support : )? Much love !

  • Flatworldfilms Says:

    I felt like a hand grenade on the 31st. I am looking forward? to getting out of this.

  • SpiritRescue1 Says:

    Thank you!!??

  • HF TL Says:


  • EvolutionofMBS Says:

    Thank you!!?

  • vishal jayakodi Says:

    Ah the link on your youtube page worked ^_^ The link under this? video still doesn’t seem to though, & you’re welcome : ) Have a great week !

  • EvolutionofMBS Says:

    Thank? you sooo MUCH! :) <3

  • EvolutionofMBS Says:

    There is another link at the front of my Youtube channel under the featured tab when you loom to the right side where I show all my links — also I? updated the link below the video –try it again — :) thanks!

  • vishal jayakodi Says:

    We missed you too kelly ^_^ Thank you for a wonderful video as always, unable to use the paypal link btw, any? other way to donate ? I cant find any link on your website even

  • PaintDanceLive Says:

    Another? Pluto Retrograde in my mate’s sign, so heavy :/ I want to fast forward now to the rebirth!

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