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  • daneeloo Says:

    English is not my mother languaje, I have not to use it? in my normal life, and i don´t need to have a great grammar…but that is not important, i think, the only important thing in the question is the discussion about the meaning of Holst and the astrology, not astronomy.
    Your reply is an “argumentatio ad hominem”, just insulting cos you can´t argue.

  • CH3CH2OCH2CH3net Says:

    This is very interesting and intriguing music. I would? really like to hear it fully orchestrated and played by an actual symphony orchestra.

  • SharinganBoy9899 Says:


  • zabman23 Says:

    It wasn’t, those are synth sounds. There is no Pluto in The Planets. It’s an amazing composition? though and should be recorded by a philharmonic.

  • mentosarekewl2000 Says:

    Candy? Cane

  • Stoozor Says:

    I wish? there was a better recording of this. 5:30 makes me think this is synthetic and wasn’t actually recorded with an Orchestra. Yet, this is pretty low Quality.

  • Stoozor Says:

    The appropriate name for a Pluto piece would have? been Pluto, The Bringer of Death.

  • drrockyr Says:

    Sheesh! Lee was commissioned to write this for a BLO performance of The Planets. What’s the big deal? Holst didn’t write either version. Pluto was discovered during his lifetime, but he chose not to? include it. Does having two composers do the same thing make one piece less valid?

  • Gehenna71 Says:

    Matthews was asked to write an addition. Oboe? Lee composed an opus called Pluto, Lord of the underworld.

  • drrockyr Says:

    I am aware of Matthews? Pluto. This is not the same piece. Listen to both of them.

  • Gehenna71 Says:

    No it’s not. Year 2000, Colin Matthews added? Pluto-The Renewer.

  • bryant tillman Says:

    so now? we have two versions of the same additions to Holsts’ pantheon?

  • Madi C. Says:

    why would you dislike this? its? not that bad of a piece, just named the wrong composer is all.

  • BenNiGeLing Says:

    This Lee guy, he’s pretty good. If I hadn’t? known any better I would have thought this was done by Holst.

  • drrockyr Says:

    The composer is Thomas Oboe Lee. It was commissioned in 2005 as a finale for the Boston Landmark Orchestra performance of Gustav Holst “The Planets”. I had not heard the piece before today. I found it interesting enough to use everyone’s favorite search engine to find? the composer. If anyone has performed it or heard it live, please share your experience.

  • basketballdude40 Says:

    Is there a way of finding out what the true title of this is and who is the actual composer? I want to find? it and download it for it to be the underlying score for a play I am doing in a month

  • chessmess117 . Says:

    Yes, this is not Gustav Holst. No, this is not Colin Matthews. No, this is not Pluto? – The Renewer. I have no idea who wrote this.

  • dillasbebs622 Says:

    This was? not written by Gustavo

  • dillasbebs622 Says:

    This was not? written by Colin Mather

  • 420istoday Says:

    I should also mention that the above subtitle is wrong it should be Pluto? – The Renewer

  • 420istoday Says:

    My high school band done the planets my eighth grade year, it was awesome, but no pluto was not written by Holst, it was written by Colin Matthews, in memory? of Holst’s late daughter.

  • 123456789zasdfghjkl Says:

    Pluto was discovered four years? before holst died. He just didn’t want to write another movement

  • Greg Hubert Says:

    No shit! Holst didn’t write this… Pluto wasn’t even discovered during his life… so.. I think Mathews? piece… should possibly be included in future performances of THE PLANETS… just a thought… good ideas,,, sorry, can’t stand the recording, but the piece is great!!

  • melvarooner Says:

    This definitely is no the Colin? Mathews version of Pluto. Does any one else have an idea?

  • metallidude666 Says:

    Gustav Holst didn’t write this…it was Colin Mathews, and it’s called? “Pluto the Renewer”, not lord of the underworld.

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