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  • gfnerd gf Says:

    its 5000mils that? like half of earth :O

  • Anand Raghav Says:

    since life on earth didn’t develop here, but was rather brought by a? meteorite, i’d say that there is every chance that there is complex multi-celled life out there.

  • danthemanzizle Says:

    Wow I cant wait to see the shit out of pluto. New horizons is my? favorite space exploration misson next to cassini and apollo, and voyager I guess, one and two, and then there’s the mars rovers, you know what nevermind they are all awesome!

  • TadaGanIarracht Says:

    Are we not sending New Horizons to orbit Pluto? :( Are they? not orbiting to test out how fast and far this fancy new engine can go?

  • cntwtpe1340 Says:

    There is someone I? have loved called Pluto, too.
    But just like the Sun and the Pluto, we just got closer, and then got further….
    Although things have become like that, it’s still my favorite planet.

  • coperone2 Says:

    Even if there is we have no way of detecting it . We would need to land a rover or a human on Pluto to find out. You and I probably won’t be? alive to witness that. But since Pluto is so far away from the Sun, there is low chance of life. But who knows…

  • SicktistiK Says:

    Then it’s a whole new ballgame. But I doubt they will find cells? at all. If they find amino acids, I’ll be jumping on my couch.

  • wo262 Says:

    it’s unlikely but not so silly? since every astrobiologist is looking fot the same thing. life. the more complex the better

  • arnelle johnson Says:

    i know this is a silly? thought from a 15yr. old but what if there is multi-cellular life?

  • Paulius Mikelis Says:

    im high and this video just amazes me?

  • Paulius Mikelis Says:


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