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    Let’s start off March with some FRENCH PLUTO!

    This chiot mignon has seen only two changes in his France pavilion outfit over the past 30 years. The first pic dates from 1988, which depicts his more artistic side in his painter’s smock. I like how the gray and dark burgundy hues of his costume reflect the mute, monochromatic color scheme of the pavilion – a natural fit, in fact.

    In 1994, with the decision to add more “character” in EPCOT and thus more interest from children who didn’t “get” EPCOT Center, the Omnibus that once catered guests around WS was re-utilized and tacky-fied for Mickey and the gang to come out and meet guests in country appropriate attire. Here’s where we see Pluto’s French outfit redesigned to reflect a more cartoony aspect of the pavilion for kids  – note the huge beret tuft and bow. Also note how bright the reds and blues contrast with the pavilion’s color scheme now. 

    The last pic is from this year’s 5K Family Fun Run. Though I prefer his first costume, I do appreciate that they are reusing the 1994 redesign. After all, they could have just used his default collar self instead.

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