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    Check out this vintage photo of Pluto plushes. The shot was taken at Downtown Disney (then the Lake Buena Vista Shopping Village) in the mid-1970s.

    I looked it up, and a possible location where this could’ve been taken at was at Toys Fantastique, which while they sold unique European toys and trinkets, may have also sold certain plush like those pictured above. Toys Fantastique moved from the location where was likely Tren-D in 1976 across the street to an expanded retail space, where Once Upon a Toy stands today. As this was from the mid-70s, it’s difficult to determine which location but judging from the pic of the expanded store…

    Revealing a different carpet pattern, generic dark wood shelves and dimmer atmosphere. Not to mention comparing the scale and ceiling rafters somewhat matching Tren-D’s…

    I would take an educated guess and say that pic is from Tren-D.

    But yes. Back to the original pic. How I would love to own that amazingly huge Pluto plush, despite it looking like Pluto. I wonder if the smaller Plutos are also stuffed with wood shavings like those Poohs….

    (TF info courtesy of Foxxy at Passport to Dreams!)




    he looks like snoopy

    Posted by Pluto @ 2:08 am

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