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  • Tiger1286Hawk Says:

    I hit that? lol

  • The73Beast Says:

    Hey Pluto Its Me xXBlack BOMBXx I Know WWK Bank on xbox live and i was just wondering if i could join The WWK I have got 2 reverse light tubes on summit alot of spawn tomahawks and one spawn ballistic on? array And A Raphat thank to WWK Ginger i play search and daestroy and i am inspired by u guys i have got all my techniques of you guyand i was thinking of a name of WWK Venom WWK Horror ask WWK Darkness if i could go in your clan if not thats ok but im getting sick of my old name cheersblackbom

  • WWKpluto Says:

    We commit suicide because when all of one team? is dead the round ends and we get to see the Killcam.

  • Aidin18Gaming Says:

    why do? you guys commit sucide after every kill you get?

  • Matthew Yildiran Says:

    I played with the WWK clan and they noob tubed? my friend.

  • WWKpluto Says:

    Hey Guys its WWK Pluto Here Again, I just finished making? my channel. I Dont have any thing to record with so i dont have any vids but you can always check the WWK Channel for my vids, And i will no longer be using the NerdycowProductions because of this new channel. Peace.

  • NerdyCowProductions Says:

    Hey This is pluto….. And for the people asking if i knew where to aim it then yes your right… I Made it in a private match about 4 months? ago with My good friend Exotic 707 who i give big props to for helping get the spot right. this spot is know open to the public… if you want to try it and have the line out down… go ahead…

  • DinksAllDay Says:

    Lets hit? 300subs?

  • WWKImpact Says:

    Sick clip Pluto?

  • isntoffline Says:

    Ya saying? that Pluto was freaking out is an understatement.

  • syntaxgamer Says:

    These? guys are unbelivable

  • DinksAllDay Says:

    Dude thats actually? freakin ridiculous… Good stuff pluto

  • KushfeinWWK Says:

    im in this if only they couldve heard the reactions it was great?

  • TweekDash Says:

    obviously he knew where? to aim


    You? should record the killcams 😀

  • Aukernator07 Says:

    Did pluto know where to aim that strait up tube or did he just shoot it at random because if he did know where to aim then thats like? wow.

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