• 24Feb

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  • kpkpkp711 Says:

    Pluto is transiting my 6th house (Capricorn) right now…. I’m blaming it for my recently acquired chronic hives!! Been tested a bunch, can’t find any cause medically for the hives. So, I went with my gut on this one, and sure enough, did a little research and? used common sense, and voila: the answer. :/ (health-6th house :: skin-Capricorn :: Pluto-uncovering/bringing to the surface—hives)

  • SovereignBeing Says:

    its killed everything i was attached to in life? already.. have to look for the construction out of the destruction, otherwise it pulls u under with it..

  • Rcord1479 Says:

    I? need a hearin aid!!!

  • kirlie1 Says:

    Thanks for doing these! The volume seems very low? and difficult to hear though.

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