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  • ljpip Says:

    My poor King Charming..just couldnt go anywhere without him have to duck down and get away..Love you Sweet Angel Michael..?

  • LALLOMJ Says:

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh my god if iwas him iwill kill my self
    the? never let him enjoy pooooooooooooooooooor my love

  • nelly judiel Says:

    te? amo peter pan, ahora estas en un lugar mejor

  • Naruto Uzumaki Says:


  • 2012near Says:

    I agree lol? ^^

  • emymummy Says:

    i know that broke my heart too,i just wish that michael could go where he wanted to without ppl and cameras and media following him :( its sooooo disprectfull ,i would of tried to tell them back off and leave michael alone ,its sad? its really sad :(michael is only human ,love you mike

  • LeylaJackson96 Says:

    Michael Loved his fans of course but i’m pretty sure that he was scared and little bit? annoying about everybody who wanted to touch him,have a picture or an authographe….

  • MissSophialovesnow Says:

    The young lady at 2:07 looks a lot like? a young Whitney Houston!!! Get’s to meet MJ & looks like? Whitney!!! some girls have all the luck lol : )

  • MissSophialovesnow Says:

    I feel bad for him here!!! he looked really pissed off.people should have left him? alone : (

  • pianofan2001 Says:

    sometimes people should leave their favourite celeberties alone? . i mean they are also humans they want to eat , to buy something alone!

  • QuirkyGirl98 Says:

    Poor? Michael… :(

  • Mllxchoupetteful Says:

    Doucement doucement? coucement !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mllxchoupetteful Says:

    Isn’t a VIP but a GOD and a beautiful angel <3?

  • yousurfer2 Says:

    looked like he wanted to exit out the back, I don’t? blame him that’s scary.

  • 2012near Says:

    @EvaSDFan That’s true… But in this video? he’s generous ! XD

  • EvaSDFan Says:

    It’s kinda funny to hear those french people “I love you Michael” with their accent XD But yeah, poor Michael, he was stalked by people wherever he went. He couldn’t even get a normal “vacation”, which he really needed :( I love you Peter? Pan <3

  • emymummy Says:

    awwwwwwww at the 0.18 poor michael was cornered :((( thats not respect for mickey :(
    all he wants to shop not to be croweded around ppl like that ,i? just wish they give him space and privcy :(we love you more michael :(

  • tibuflavius Says:

    those French people sound like gipsy market In Germany? :)) or any other civilised country
    interesting they talk of others saying they are gipsy 😉

  • tibuflavius Says:

    0:16 “ai luov youo? moicheiel” and in english from french sounds like this? “i love you michael”

  • MjWife17 Says:

    Haha he stuck he like im scared im scared? im scared! lmao

  • emymummy Says:

    poor michael at 3.01 looks like his had enough :( he cant go anywhere with the press media etc following him :(why cant michael go wherever he wants without ppl? crowding around him :(i wish they just leave him alone i am sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry mickey our angel what you been through :(

  • emymummy Says:

    i swear i felt like smashing? those camera right in our angels face i wish they back off from michael :( we love youuuuuuuuuuu michael OUR angel :(

  • Axon3613 Says:


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