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    My Free Mixtape: www.filefactory.com Dec.28, 2010 Lyrics See the days grow long for my fate to prolong I wasn’t so strong so I went and told mom What can i do now? how do i go on? And are you still proud even though my hopes gone Just letting her down all because i can’t rise Was hard for me to say this while looking in her eyes I know i messed up when i gave it all those tries So how many more nights before another guy cries And man i cant stand it, how did this happen? Back then when i planned it, its not what i imagined Didn’t see me failing, everything was passing Now i feel like caving, the cliff is where im hanging So now i am relaxing, heels up with both feet And i had a dream tupac was yelling don’t sleep But if it were kobe, he just would’ve told me Suck it up, don’t stop until you get that trophy You see me stressing, im exhausted and defeated I cant believe this, just how sickening the pain can be And can’t forget my situation, frustration All this pressure better come and end this now, right now.. And so i get on it, when i come to drop this I’m like a prophet, call me Nostradomus Make sure that i plot it, its something to accomplish And money i still got it, even though im jobless I’m getting paid, my life is on track A promise to my mom i’ll be coming right back Just give me some time to figure out this crap Ima make sure that i shine the minute im intact I listen to the raps to fill out all the silence To see it right past, i open up my eyelids Why i always

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