• 25Feb

    Mickey Mouse is lost and every one is worried, Donald Duck is having problems with his nephews, goofy is jus being goofy, Minnie Mouse is about to loose control, Cinderella is having a dance with her Prince, Pluto is desperate looking for a real big bone for lunch. When Mickey mouse finally showed up the witch is trying to get rid of him, right outside the Cinderella’s Castle in Magic Kingdom at Orlando Florida, Very nice Family vacation. Best Resort, Super Sonic Train and Submarine, BEst Disney Show ever. Better than Disneyland. Epcot, Disney World, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Newest Attractions, Space Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider Man Sucks, Avengers 2, the Hobbit,Snow White, Cinderella and Beauty keep Dancing. Castle Explodes with Fireworks.

    Posted by Pluto @ 9:36 am

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