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  • figjam80 Says:

    Who cares just download? of the internet eg, Pirate bay,isohunt and 100 others if they block you they been blocking australia for ages it cost $120 for cable a month that only has about 100 channels and still have to pay for anything special like a boxing fight is about $30 to $50 and sport events on top. plus pay $100 a month for 200gb and thats a new development they were saying unlimited that would cap you at certain hours and enough said fuck them download everything for free.thumbs up please

  • pokedherfaace Says:

    Mike Brown-The Guy who killed Pluto. Yes, that is what you will always be? known for.

  • sockington1 Says:

    33.15 Haley !!!! ignoranamus.? His name was pronounced Hawley as correspondence sent to him was addressed like that. Halley is probably just acceptable, but to say Haley is just cretinous

  • alexanuchid Says:

    What about Uranus…will there be some space craft? make an exploration ? at all ?

  • RottenSpew Says:

    Well then, you Earthlings inhabit a dual-asteroid system:? your “moon” is so large it makes you closer to “dual-midget” systems like Pluto/Charon, than to a PROPER planet like Jupiter. Here on Europa, we say your IAU needed to “compensate” like Napoleon or a man with micro-phallus when it “re-classified” Pluto, but not your Earth/Luna, as “sub” planetary.
    As this arbitrary/subjective (illogical) “classification” system exhibits low IQ,
    your “astronomers” are now the laughing stock of the galaxy.

  • AdamCartwrightILoveU Says:

    Well in my mind Pluto has and always will a planet, the 9th planet from our? sun….

  • krapptacular Says:

    You go Clyde, what a ride. A one way ticke? that t i would make the trip. But we don’t have the know how yet. LOL
    This was a good show with real science, and it is quite nice.

  • Gert Madsen Says:

    Should it not be called “a little person”? planet ??

  • smarties22222 Says:

    Why the fuck aren’t avalible the? other episodes?

  • juki0h Says:

    i? thought pluto wasnt a planet anymore

  • smarties22222 Says:

    Very good? series.

  • charlene12341234 Says:

    they said that our sattlelite was the largest in relations to it’s planet-this vid seems to contradict this. Pluto’s sattlelite seems? just as big as it’s relationship to the planet pluto.

  • Laurel Kornfeld Says:

    Brown was for Pluto and Eris being planets? before he was against it, but once he changed his mind, he did so vehemently, to the point that he erroneously claims all but a fringe group of astronomers accept the IAU decision when this is not true. He lobbied the IAU to demote Pluto even though he isn’t a member. What he should have done is joined the 300+ astronomers who rejected the IAU decision. And he’s no saint either; he has trashed me to everyone he can in the astronomy world.

  • Laurel Kornfeld Says:

    This underlies the opportunity missed as a direct result of those who pressured for Pluto’s demotion. The discovery of a new planet, Eris, should have been the focus for astronomers. People are usually excited by new discoveries and would have? likely been thrilled to embrace a 10th or 11th (counting Ceres) planet. Instead, all they know is the controversy over Pluto, which they see as driven by an out of touch elite.

  • Laurel Kornfeld Says:

    No? problem. :)

  • noctbot Says:

    Im sorry that last? comment wasnt suppose to be directed at you i apologize,

  • noctbot Says:

    Seriously, go to hell National Geographic I am not buying anymore of your magazines If your going to keep blocking things to Canada and elsewhere. Thumbs up if National Geographic should unblock the rest of this series? for everyone.

  • noctbot Says:

    Most people I talk to are only peripherally aware of the issue, and they tell me they think Pluto is a planet. Then I ask them about? Eris and they have no Idea what I’m talking about. But I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised the unenlightened have inherited THIS planet. Those are the people I am referring to.

  • Laurel Kornfeld Says:

    Most advocates? of Pluto’s planet status also support the planet status of all dwarf planets.

  • noctbot Says:

    He has been labelled that, he has received hate mail and death threats over the Pluto thing so I can understand him feeling that way. Really all he did was discover Eris, he should go down in history? for that, and they should have let him name it Xena like he wanted to. Initially he thought he discovered a Planet and it was the international astronomical committee that did not want it dubbed as such so they had to demote Pluto as well. THEY killed Pluto.

  • noctbot Says:

    Cool. Thats all I meant. Its people who think Pluto is an Eris is? not that bother me. Like I said it’s 8 or 10+, 9 just makes no sense.

  • Laurel Kornfeld Says:

    Yes, I do believe Eris is a planet. So are Ceres, Haumea, and Makemake. Our solar? system has at minimum 13 planets and counting. As Dr. Stern said, “The solar system made many more planets than we learned about in school.”

  • noctbot Says:

    If you believe Pluto is a planet then you also believe Eries is a planet. Thats ok if you believe that but the solar system either has 8 Planets or 10+ to think? there is 9 would be contradictory.

  • Steven Buswell Says:

    Unfortunately, all of the other videos in this series are blocked imranpak1190. Maybe you could re-upload them, if’s? not too much to ask, with a description of your right to post such videos – even if they are not yours at all – for teaching and educating purposes.

  • vinchonghh Says:

    I could view this latest video, Pluto & Beyond, here in Singapore but not the rest, as it’s blocked by NGC. I believe this video will be blocked as well after few days. Maybe imranpak could change the video title for the earlier upload or upload all six videos again with title different from the original.?

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