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    Available in 1080HD ~Follow us on Facebook~ Subscribe for Updates Puttenham Private Observatory Home of The AQWAA Telescope The Advanced Quasi Wave Antenna Array About us: Founded in June of 2012 the AQWAA Telescope has produced over 10000 naturally colored, High Definition images and videos. Originally a collective project, AQWAA is now manged and owned exclusively by Puttenham Private Observatory. Mission statement: Our mission is to network with industry, governments, institutions, and the public in order to steadfastly prioritize space awareness, defense, research, exploration, and eventual colonization. Our operations: Earth based experimental studies in Cosmic Sub-millimeter, Radio, Microwave, Infrared, Visible, Ultraviolet, X-Ray, Gamma, Magnetic, Electrical, Gravity-Wave, Hyper-lens, and Gravitational Lensing Astronomy. Our research: Atomic and Subatomic Particle Wave Applications, NIM’s, LHM’s & Anisotropic Meta-materials, Nano & Plasmonics, Photonics, Signal Mixing, 3-Dimensional Holographic and Lithographic Imaging. Our products: Astrophotography, Astrovideography, Live Feeds, & Mapping. Asteroid, Comet, and LEO Object Detection & Tracking Our locations: Both AQWAA Telescope facilities are located in the Central United States. Observation Site #1 Latitude:N 38.19°, Longitude:W 91.9° and Observation Site #2 Latitude:N 38.20°, Longitude:W 91.16°. Puttenham Private Observatory 2012-2013 All Rights Reserved

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