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    It is Pluto’s Birthday and Mickey just made him a nice deliecious cake. Pluto is anxious to eat the cake But Mickeys Nephews were invited to celebrate plutos birthday party and did some things Pluto did not like. But Pluto Won the game called ” Pin the tail on Pluto” . The Nephews were very proud of him but when Mickey called for the Kids to come and get some cake Pluto blew out the candles and all the boys were busy eating cake. After a few sips of fruit punch the Mickeys Nephews left Leaving Pluto angry without a pease of cake but mickey wanted to give him some leftovers and Pluto Happly chomped on the cake Direction : Milt Scaffer Anamation : Fred Moore, Charles A. Nichols, Norm Ferguson , Marvin Woodward Effects Anamation : Blaine Gibson Story :Bill Berg, Leo Salkin Layout: Lance Nolley Background: Thelma Witmer Music : Oliver Wallace Distributed By : RKO Radio Pictures ReDistriubited By: Buena Vista Distribution Company With The Tallants By: Jimmy MacDonald, Ruth Clifford, Pinto Colvig Ps: 2 things First of all that Charles A. Nichols did Work at Hanna Barbera Studios alot after retireing from Walt Disney He Worked on Alot of mostion pictures like Scoobys All Star Laff A lympics and (1977-1978) Scooby Doo and the Goul School (1987) The Jetsons ( 1985- 1987) A Flintstone Christmas (1977) HongKong Phoohey (1974) Charlotes Web (1973)’ The Scooby Doo Show (1976-1978) and second of all, Although this is a Mickey Mouse cartoon today it was oringinally a Pluto Cartoon in

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