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    SETI Talks archive: seti.org A variety of previous studies have investigated the 1D vertical temperature-pressure profiles of Pluto and Triton’s atmospheres, while another class of models has investigated the bulk north-south transport of volatiles on these worlds. However, only recently have modern, 3D general circulation models (GCMs) been applied to Pluto and Triton. GCMs are global models that solve for the primitive equations of the atmosphere and surface simultaneously, and can be used to predict surface, subsurface, and atmospheric temperature; atmospheric pressure; the three components of atmospheric flow; and surface ice thickness and extent in a physically consistent way. Most importantly from a meteorological standpoint, is that GCMs are the best tool for predicting atmospheric circulation, since this property is difficult to measure remotely. Dr. Zalucha will discuss the results from one such Pluto/Triton GCM based off of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology GCM dynamical core.

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  • setiinstitute Says:

    Thanks John – we’re working on a better solution – we’re? not overjoyed with the Hangout format but we have to organise our move properly.

  • John D?ugosz Says:

    Please don’t post these as Hangout captures! It’s bad in so many ways and hard to watch. Especially when I know you _can_ do better: HD? with a proper camera and even the slides nicely composited in. What’s the deal with this? 480p and the real image a subset of that, slow framerate webcam, wide angle lens… Please.

  • Makrozon Says:

    It’s a little hard to follow her. Maybe she’s not used to speaking in public. To bad because Triton is my favorite moon… Come on Angela, a little more intonation so? we can hear and understand better.

  • Mystery207 Says:

    Public speaking is? real hard

  • crarazy Says:

    I’m in class right now so if your talking I can’t hear you? hahaha

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