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    I was too busy to film anything last week, so check out all the good stuff that I picked up. Hop you like the video, enjoy! Here’s the link to the Ultimate Spiderman Grab Zags Opening: www.youtube.com TAGS: ToysRus, Ultimate Spiderman grab Zags, Marvel Universe, She-Hulk classic, gean grey 90s, toxic blast venom, carol danvers, ms. Marvel black suit variant, Star Wars, Star Tours Yoda Stitch, R2-D2 Pluto, Disney, Disneyland, Michaels Comic Frames, Marvel Comics Marvel Now Thor #1, Fantastic Four #1, Liberty Meadows, Shanna the she devil, Frank Cho, Rick Remender, Dean White, Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan

    Posted by Pluto @ 9:37 am

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    Your vids are so Epic? LJ. Really diggin your comic pickups. I’m getting together for two awesome comic book collection vids. Batman Matvel and Incredible Hulk. Stay tuned. PJ

  • CaliCollectibles Says:

    I have a few videos on my computer that I still need to edit and upload. Your video will be up shortly. It’s been a while since I’ve last seen you on youtube, hope you’re doing well bro! I’ll keep you updated when your video is? uploaded.

  • KOtoyz Says:

    Hey bro! Do u know when u? r putting my raok vid up?

  • TheeMatness Says:

    hehe I’m sure you are gonna complete them bro. I’ll check your grab? zags video out after the Laker game hehe, if you have time you should stop by in my channel hehe. take it easy bro

  • CaliCollectibles Says:

    For $4.99, I couldn’t pass them up! =P Plus they look so great, thanks? for the heads up bro!

  • CaliCollectibles Says:

    Thanks for watching Matt! So happy the Ultimate Spiderman Grab Zags are out. It’s time to collect them all!? haha. Hope you’re doing well bro, thanks for stopping by!

  • CaliCollectibles Says:

    I kinda went deadpool crazy, but I had to because both of the writers were there. I think one of those guys is an actor too. I’ve seen him on a couple comedy shows or movies. If you need any of those extras I have, let me know? and I could put them aside for you. I think I’m going to have a contest soon and give some signed issues away too. Thanks for stopping by Belinda! Have a great weekend. =)

  • CaliCollectibles Says:

    I love those Disney Star Wars figure, and yoda just looks so cool. =) ? Thanks for watching!

  • basenback76 Says:

    You got the floating frames too!! I knew all of the Phat guys would like these!! Haha they’re pretty sweet!! Nice video!!?

  • TheeMatness Says:

    Cool Stuff bro hehe. Love that Baby Deadpool variant.? Cool Mus bro. and nicee Spidey Grabzags are actually out now hehe nicee. cool Star Wars x Dinsey figures bro. thanks for sharing!

  • kimhesun09 Says:

    Wooooahh? so much deadpool dangg I wish I lived in an area that does awesome comic book signings :/ but awesome haul LJ! Keep up the great videos!

  • makehavoc Says:

    like the yoda?

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