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  • kunven Says:

    sorry english not my main lenguage just? realized what you said lol

  • aleesa see Says:

    i never said its about? size

  • kunven Says:

    it is not about size it is about similarity mercury is very small and is a planet because it is unique no object has been found orbiting in the same? place rather than mercury

  • aleesa see Says:

    youre telling me something i already? know. and pluto’s gravitational pull is very weak.

  • Nataani2376 Says:

    A planet is defined as an object which a) is rounded by its own gravity and b) has cleared its orbit of other planetisimals (asteroids and such). Pluto is round, but has nowhere close to cleared its orbit, thus it is not a planet. ? There are five currently identified dwarf planets in our solar system, Eris being the biggest, followed by Pluto.

  • aleesa see Says:

    its not just about size to name it a planet, it also has to? do with other factors such as gravity.

  • Rami Safadi Says:

    voyager? should have went to pluto

  • darren91457026 Says:

    no? pluto why not planet anymore

  • kaister901 Says:

    don’t? forget the cat videos

  • cmdfanxp Says:

    Thumbs Up If Neptune Is Your Favourite!!
    As a kid, and up until-recently, I always though that? Neptune was made completely-out of Water XD

  • SuperPoseidwnas Says:

    URANUS? my arseno to


    its? pronounced, U-RAN-US, not your anus

  • 1950Viper Says:

    these “moons’ around many of planets could be large comets creating the large craters monster craters. The moon shows indeed some monster objects hit the moon mars and other planets. Hyperon is another strange moon that must be a comet. These icy worlds might well be older than our sun. Such? a large example was the comet that hit jupiter schmaker levi 9 a planets killer each of the first few pieces made a plume 150 miles above its atmosphere..

  • 1950Viper Says:

    Pluto might well be a very large captured comet made up of stone ices and? not much gravity but still has 5 moons just a strange planet

  • ScottRichardStoller Says:

    Uranus was? also a Roman god…. It’s pronounced Yer-un-us

  • Justin St. Charles Says:

    don’t worry,? a great cleansing draws nigh.

  • Nadeeja94 Says:

    Relax man. Use full-stops. ?

  • moelil2 Says:

    Science videos 17k views, videos with boob icons 6 million views, Gangnam style 400 million views. Welcome to planet? Earth.

  • songster8 Says:

    …continuing; You might also like to know, that I cringe whenever I hear that “Man has walked on the moon.” MAN didn’t do that…a few extraordinary MEN did it. Some brave superior men at that, including all the men and women who developed the technology that made it possible.
    Assigning great achievements to “MAN” is nothing less than a sickening adherence to a failed collectivist philosophy. Individuals make the greatest discoveries, while their? “brothers” usually set fire to them as a reward.

  • songster8 Says:

    Totally serious MisterShapiro1. I grew up with a map of the planets on my bedroom wall, and slowly began to idolize all those scientists who discovered and identified all those mysterious objects. To me, demoting Pluto to a dwarf-planet taints the history of those who made such discoveries. What was identified in the past, should remain “as identified.” (ESPECIALLY if the identification becomes quirky or “dated” in the future.) What’s next, melting down? all rare coins containing minting errors?

  • MisterShapiro1 Says:

    Not sure if you think you’re serious or trolling.?

  • songster8 Says:

    I think the renaming of Pluto represents the worst kind of personal “Power Play” imaginable. Isn’t anybody aware of the concepts of respect and tradition? The first two letters in the name PLuto, affectionately stand for Percival Lowell, who funded/supported the search for Planet-X (Pluto) to begin with! His assistant Clyde Tombaugh performed a miracle with the observatory’s blink comparator in order to locate the silly? thing. Why “dis” that?
    Hey I know, lets go back and rename EVERYTHING!!!!

  • PrinceOfEternos83 Says:

    Apparently? they can’t say “yer-AY-nus” in a serious documentary.

  • kunven Says:

    pluto is smaller than earth moon also pluto is very similar to objects in the kuiper belt so if pluto is a? planet thousands of objects in the kuiper belt should also be planets which is problematic

  • FrenchareFaggots Says:

    Mike Brown killed Pluto in the Library with a candle? stick

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