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    There are only a few things I know about this shitty video still:

    1. This is dated 1975, at Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland. 1975 was when the entire land was finally complete & prepared for the general public. 

    2. Judging from the obvious older Disney Channel logo, this was probably shown on the channel as one of those specials about the parks, perhaps from ‘Vault Disney’. In turn, the footage is likely from some sort of media coverage – the “grand opening”, if there was indeed one?

    3. The costume itself is part of the original astronaut getup Mickey and Goofy wore at the time:


    But I have yet to find ANY photo of Astronaut Pluto. Was him wearing such an outfit a one-time deal then? Or since 1970s photography was an expensive privilege at the time, no photos simply exist?

    And yet, this postcard shows Mickey has ONE stripe while Goofy has THREE: 


    Pluto clearly has two. Hmmmm. Why is that?

    4. Considering both mouse and dog has helmets, did they forgot Pluto’s helmet? Did they even care? Looking at both postcards again, perhaps the helmets were customized for the two – note the Goofy hat and Mickey ears extending out the plastic. It was prolly cheaper to parade for the crowd sans the helmet then.

    Posted by Pluto @ 9:19 am

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