• 18Nov

    In this video, I review the Avantree Pluto Air Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker is great for outdoor event, small parties, and much more, the scenarios to use this speaker are endless! Pluto Air Bluetooth Speaker: goo.gl Avantree: Website: Avantree.com Twitter Twitter.com Facebook: Facebook.com Avantree YouTube: YouTube.com Connect With Me: Twitter: Twitter.com Google+: Gplus.to YouTube: YouTube.com Support Through Amazon: goo.gl Music In This Video: Circles- Hankijord YouTube.com

    Posted by Pluto @ 12:03 pm

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  • bouvanrooij123 Says:

    That is what im saying, songs? on YouTube are low quality

  • DroidChat Says:

    What are you? talking about? That isn’t music from YouTube, it’s from an artist called Hankijord on YouTube. Think before you speak man.

  • bouvanrooij123 Says:

    To be honest, I do not get why you’re playing songs from? YouTube. YouTube sound quality is averagely low. I would’ve reccomended you buying an actual song and playing it. Thats the Official sound quality!
    I do no that the sound is great from this device, but just a tip!

  • DroidChat Says:

    Thanks..I never said any video in? specific, if you continue to say that I won’t give you a shoutout at all.

  • BTechTalk Says:

    Really nice review Joe!? It’s really portable and the sound quality is pretty good. Where’s my shout out? 😛 Overall nice video!

  • PDTechHD Says:

    Great? review Joe, very portable speaker, sound quality was average I’d say, bit of a shame it’s only 5 hours battery life. Logitech has a logitech ue mobile boombox portable bluetooth speaker that gives 18 hours of battery life, or so they claim! Nice review overall, great demonstration and the speaker is designed quite well, makes sense to have the speaker part on the top, shame about no bass though, but can’t expect that in such a small speaker I guess, keep up the great work.

  • LineghieTheGeek Says:

    Nice? review! 😀

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