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    WDWRadio.com – Mickey’s Toontown Fair the first and only new land to be added to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom since its opening in 1971, and also shares the distinction of being the first and only to be removed as well. In this guided walking tour, we will look at the history of Mickey’s Toontown Fair, from the temporary land created as a birthday present for Mickey Mouse, to it’s changes through the years, and the incredible details, trivia, hidden treasures and tributes to the Golden Age of early Disney animation. We’ll tour the vacation homes of Mickey and his pals, and explore the rich layers of detail and stories that make this land more than simply a play area for children. In this series of audio guides, author and award-winning podcaster Lou Mongello will take you on a tour of the Walt Disney World® Resort. This series will begin with each of the lands of the Magic Kingdom, and continue on to Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and more. Listen anytime to get that feeling of “being there,” as we explore the parks in depth to help you plan your next magical vacation. You can also take the guide with you to the parks in order to enhance your experience. For those listeners that are visually impaired, you can experience Walt Disney World virtually at home, or take the tour along when you visit the parks, as Lou describes your surroundings in detail. Track Listings ——————– 1. Introduction 2. Mickey’s Birthdayland 3. Mickey’s

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  • jmackinac Says:

    Uh, Lou? Now I know why you are not doing a complete video? Because you are trying to sell this audio guide. Okay, then why not do a video series and edit it to DVD? for sale….I’d buy that? Man, your videos are frickin’ ponderous. Still love ya big guy.

  • jmackinac Says:

    Uh, Lou? Now I know why you refer to an Audio Guide. But Disney is all about the visual, so what good is an audio guide going to do me? ? Why not do a complete video?

  • jmackinac Says:

    Uh, Lou? Why the emphasis on this being an “Audio Guide” when it is clearly a video. That’s kind of annoying. See you? in Aug.

  • wizard7389 Says:

    OMG I LOVE TOONTOWN!! DO THIS STILL HAVE MICKEYS FAIR? i hope you do. if not im gonna cry? :'( i hape you do if not D:

  • svhwdwnut Says:

    you’re a busy guy lou! how’s? the family? lucky u 2 live in FL! happy holidays again!

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