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    The Share a Dream Come True parade at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. This parade is for sure one of my all-time favorites. The music makes you happy, and the scenery is awesome. I like how it starts with Walt sitting and drawing at a desk. “If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse.” -Walt Disney Have a Magical Day!

    Posted by Pluto @ 12:07 am

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  • Wenutation Says:

    This? is pretty creepy…

  • itravelhere Says:

    Neat video… we to believe in challenging the status quo… Care to see? it?

  • CruiseDisney Says:

    I watched your video… entertaining! Listen, everything we do… we believe in challenging the status quo… in thinking differently, very differently..

    The way we challenge the status quo… is by making a product so beautifully designed, so simple? to use and all about you. Care to see it?

  • SxyChicDisney Says:

    when did they? take the bubbles off the characters, and why?

  • Hostos1 Says:

    if u think is hot watching dont? wan to know how feels to be in it! trust me!!!!!! I MISS IT THO!!!

  • PrinceMarc22 Says:

    Thank you so much for posting this! 😀 This is my FAVORITE parade.? I remember watching it, dancing along and blowing a kiss to Ariel when she came by, hehehehe. :)

  • mandaax3100 Says:

    when i went it was like 100 degree’s
    my mom like fainted lol
    but catchy? song

  • anizworld Says:

    :O Lucky!!!?

  • TGIFridayy Says:

    Why did you? cut out Alice?

  • ktommo31 Says:

    I went here the christmas that has? just been. This brings back so many memories!
    I love florida, and orlando. and the theme parks!

  • caroline5603 Says:

    my favorite parade. This song is so? catchy!!!


    im 16? ! i took my girl friend there in august, we flew down from NY and stayed in my uncles place he lives 30min away and we had a good time.

  • deidarakun223 Says:

    omg i went? to Magic kingdom with my little cousins (he’s like……7 or 6) i saw this parade and i LOVED it…lol i’m 15 now but i still LOVE Magic Kingdom, this song made me happy

  • glowiepeople123 Says:

    I like it how you put speech marks on random peeps in the parade! For? example: the guy on the evil villians float “I hate my life” lol I thought that was hilarious! XD

  • meonline92 Says:

    i like min. 3.50 – 4.08 for ALICE!! (L)? ^.^

  • misotas Says:

    I miss WDW sooo much!!
    I had a wonderfull time there at WDW!
    Fantasyland rocks!!
    Love the 3 o’clock parade and the Musical, Dream along? with Mickey too!!

    Miss everyone!! :-(

  • SorcererGoofy Says:

    Hey, thanks for that! Yeah, I? remember them changing the name.
    Have a Magical Day!

  • peechyk99 Says:

    I think it will continue after the year of a Million Dreams, guests seem to really like this parade. However, this is not the Share a Dream Come True parade anymore, its now called Disney? Dreams come True parade. The name changed in 2006. I have many “friends” in this parade :-)

  • SorcererGoofy Says:

    Yeah, it’s an awesome parade.? I’m sure it’ll be around for a while.

  • Daniel Sil Says:

    Oh? ok thnks… I want to go there this Summer (during the Year of a Million Dreams).. I just asked it ’cause I’m not sure if I go this summer and I really want to see this 😀

  • SorcererGoofy Says:

    Lol it’s ok, and yeah, you? should be able to see it. The only way I imagine you won’t be able to is if they create a new parade to replace that one.

  • Daniel Sil Says:

    yeah.. but if I go to WDW after the Year of a Million Dreams.. can I see this? parade?
    Sorry the english.. I’m portuguese :S

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