• 16Nov

    This film cries out for the Disney movie music like “When You Wish Upon A Star”; “It’s A Small World” and you name it, but because of copyright, it can’t be used. So instead I’ve come up with my own original music score. Filmed in 1974 in an 8mm Cinemascope format called Kowascope, this restored film shows how Disneyland looked then. Half of the rides where not operating as their was an energy crisis in the USA then. Disneyland was so clean and fresh that it looked like it had only opened that week and not nearly 20 years before. There is no narration or name subtitles as it is pretty self explanatory with the recognizable places. So enjoy this look back in time to this timeless world. OPEN AIR FILMS is the sole producer of this video and/or music/sound and special effects soundtrack using Apple’s Final Cut Pro program which includes Soundtrack Pro, Motion and GarageBand. Here is a link to the license terms for Apple software www.apple.com and images.apple.com Australian Copyright web site: www.copyright.org.au OPEN AIR FILMS WEB SITE alan2rich.hubpages.com Registered at APRA www.apra-amcos.com.au with the id GW4399188

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