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    WDW 2010 – Part 1: I leave cold, dreary, freezing Saint Louis, Missouri and take a plane south to…cold, dreary, freezing Orlando, Florida. Who saw that one coming? In this video I lounge around Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, head out for a day with my mom at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and look for the world’s best gift in a Florida junk shop! The Village Beatniks (Full Video): www.youtube.com WDW `10 – Part 1: www.youtube.com WDW `10 – Part 2: www.youtube.com WDW `10 – Part 3: www.youtube.com WDW `10 – Part 4: www.youtube.com

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  • Budder246 Says:

    that is only a year away I know the wait and anticipation stinks. I am going in April for my honeymoon? and I am counting the days!!

  • MrMaster767 Says:

    American? B757 at 0:15. Nice

  • PurpleCorn4Ever Says:

    December 24 at? 8 o’clock in the morning,? a young 14? year old boy? by? the name? of Scott Johnson was? found dead. Doctors? couldn’t come up with the? cause? of his death. His mother?? checked his emails? to see if? she could figure out what happened.? Turns? out he was?? still signed in myspace.? She found he?? had gone to sleep after he read and didn’t repose a chain? letter. If you don’t repose this to? six videos a girl with no face will kill you tonight. sorry don’t want to to? die

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    Make sure you check out the rest of my Disney World videos too! For these videos, I just used a Canon PowerShot 960is. It’s just a point and shoot, but I have a pretty steady hand so I think it came? out okay. I just returned from another trip to WDW and shot with a much better camera. Those videos should be up in a couple weeks!

  • ellenthomsonn Says:

    Love this video! What camera did you use for it? It’s really good quality. I’m going in the? summer and this video has just made me 27856294857485 times more excited :)

  • Stephen Mathews Says:

    I want to go very? badly. im begging my parents to go. But they say in 2012 i will go.!

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    That’s? great! I love seeing families from all over the world enjoy Disney parks as well. My family has a bit of Norwegian in us also!

  • NoraMorten Says:

    Thank you for sharing:) The chocolate on? 8.15 is one of my favourites, I bought it in Treasure Island in October, brought it home to Norway and saved it for the kids for Christmas;)

  • albren2 Says:

    check out wdw? 2011 mcintire

  • xashleykamix Says:

    Oooo it looks SO cold! I wouldn’t like to go to WDW when it’s THAT cold, kinda defects the object really. But i just LOVE the Lion King: Rhythm of the pride lands, it makes me so happy when i hear? it!

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    @unclerukus2 At the very end, it’s just? a stock song Apple iMovie. If you were talking about the African-sounding song, it’s from the “Rhythm of the Pride Lands: Music Inspired by the Lion King” album.

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    Thank you! I plan to shoot a good amount of video next month, but I’m thinking it will be from a new? angle. I’ve been very fortunate that a family tradition of ours’ has been a trip to Disney World every year. This year, we’re taking my girlfriend who has never been to any Disney park! I’m thinking I might somehow tie in something like “a Disney trip through the eyes of a first-timer.”

  • dwelty1970 Says:

    Very creative and enjoyable. Please do more video when you are there? again! I am now a subscriber.

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    I’m going again next? month!

  • DamThatsLopez Says:

    So are you planning on going back?? and in a warmer month lol

  • SoUThnkUCnDnc Says:

    yeah coronado!!!?

  • LittleWolfGirl545 Says:

    im so happy to see that not much has changed at all. thank you for posting your tirp i hope you enjoyed it! I miss disney so much and my? old home. thank you.

  • MrWeekendWars Says:


  • thebriarrosebeauty Says:

    great video footage and i love the pictures! and for the record, i enjoyed? the music :-)

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    Nah it’s okay. I’m sure? they’re talking about Sigur Ros. They’re definitely not for everyone, I find them euphoric though.

  • drumguyrobc Says:


  • KaylieMcKay Says:

    2:50 it? looks like it says “Mo the Musical” now that is a show I would see XD

  • MsLilacLover1 Says:

    People can be so rude. Did you ever think that they make these videos to record the memories from THEIR trips, not yours….I liked the? music :)
    I’m headed to Disney in May. I can’t wait !

  • MsLilacLover1 Says:

    People can be so rude. Did you ever think that they make these videos to record the memories from? THEIR trips, not yours….I liked the music :)

  • rroxie8 Says:

    check out my? blog about disney world! traveltodisney.blogspot.com (:

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