• 20Oct

    Follow me on twitter – www.twitter.com After tweeting that I was going to take my family to Disneyland, many people mentioned that they had never been. I am fortunate to live local to Disneyland and have annual passes, and seeing as many people who subscribed to me and follow me on twitter are from overseas, or on the other side of the country, I figured I would take you all along and show you some of my favorite things at disneyland. Be sure to leave annotations on as they are required for the interactive functions of the video. I hope that you all enjoyed! Due to copyright reasons, and the amount of music and other protected things in the video, the sounds of the park have been replaced with a sound track. This was filmed on an iPhone 4S Yes, I am aware that the twitter bird is slowly moving across the top. Apparently he thinks the font smells funny. No portion of this material may be used without my permission.

    Posted by Pluto @ 3:36 am

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