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  • tyrantkingking Says:

    We? can only hope

  • Maximumdistance Says:

    Are you fucking retarded? Like really? Shut your face. Read what I said and I said I DON’T know how Ocelote is. Please go jerk off to your poster of Ocelote some more you die-hard fanboy. You’re probably really pathetic in real life so you actually think you can look yourself good on the internet, but no, you? are too stupid.

  • Vippe101 Says:

    they might be? dropped and replaced with another team under the SK banner

  • Andres14Pita Says:

    well, he cried when he won against clg.eu and got the 2nd place for sure? because they could play the final.

  • Stig Andresen Says:

    They are defintly not in the top 3 wtf???? And they been in the top 3? of the world oh god…

  • barabas232 Says:

    Every single time i see a top comment where it is someone mouthing another, whenever i click on it it says? “This comment has received too many negative votes”. Now if that’s not a let down then i don’t know what is. haha

  • 12345Eliwood Says:

    @flpk97? llll

  • Rapowell007 Says:

    I love his scarf. Could anyone else wear something like that and be taken? seriously?

  • w44ss44 Says:

    6 Months ago, Ocelote was? in the top 3, and SK were also in the top 3, it’s only recently they’ve started to play bad, but they are classed as PRO gamers, so you can’t say that they’re bad.

  • Uriel333 Says:


  • Chaster586 Says:

    No need to attack him, he didn’t insult SK or anything, he’s just bringing up the fact they weren’t the closest to winning by their performance in the group stages, you could? approach it constructively instead of going “WELL DUSNT MATTER CUZ U MOAR BAD TAN HE IS”

  • Stig Andresen Says:

    Did he say he was closer morron??

  • Stig Andresen Says:

    JESUS FUUCKING STOP WITH THIS SHIT, SO FUUCKING TIRED OF PEOPLE STILL WRITING “Duuuh ur THE BEST OCE, i wanna suck your dick<33" jesus… They are not the best u morron, just look how they played, it is confirmed, so get it in your little head, and wake up and see? the reality, fuucking god…

  • Alprazolam26 Says:

    you are? the best ocelote… so bad sk loose…

  • Mike Panayi Says:

    Well most “pro” teams played with strategies like CLG split push but SK just played like they press the play button and? go for a ranked team 5v5 game..
    They need more strategies in order to compete with teams like AZF or m5..

  • ?riks Ĺ altenis Says:

    They actually? HAD a chance… Problem is that they didn’t use it properly… Their jungler fu*ked up one game and the other two was just as they was.

  • DiviSickShit1245 Says:

    M5 is better at predicting the koreans/chinese. The aggresive style of them makes them sometimes overcommit, and when it happends M5 is there to respond the second it happends. I think that is what TSM, Dignitas, SK, CLG.EU and CLG.NA do not have.

    I am really excited for CLG.EU VS WE. I am looking forward to that match. Predict a tight game or faceroll.? Nothing in between for any of them.

  • MrAffealfred Says:

    dud u really? create 64 accounts?!

  • OneShHighPlayer Says:

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  • JimmahMcFox Says:

    How does his physical appearance? have anything to do with him needing to “search for real work”?

  • IGameOutside Says:

    They beat Clg.eu so they’ve got skill. They just don’t have the right meta that’s all. It’s like seeing kids walk? all the time and then trying to learn to run in 1 hour.

  • flpk97 Says:

    I think Aranea? is the worst player in SK.

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