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  • DisneyHolidayNet Says:

    Folks, cartoon 2 is? blocked worldwide. We apologize for the inconveience

  • MsAnimeraven Says:

    i? see

  • silversnake4133 Says:

    Probably got slammed? for copyright infringement. This is youtube after all…

  • MsAnimeraven Says:

    yeah i was thinking the same thing?? where is part 2

  • nhungsam95 Says:


  • dab7271 Says:

    I didn’t see this until I was much older, so I was spared the trauma, however I WAS traumatized as a little? girl by the Looney Tunes cartoon “Satan’s Waitin,” which has a similar concept…Sylvester dies, and he goes to Hell for chasing Tweety around…and the Hell that he goes to is ruled by a Devil Dog!

  • Elena Mendez Says:

    Where’s? part 2

  • MrJuliano14 Says:

    7:13 wtf voice?


  • Jam24511 Says:

    Mickey: (to Pluto) I suppose you’re proud of yourself!
    Bugs Bunny: Mickey, leave him alone! It’s me you want, not him!
    Mickey: Would you take his place?
    Bugs: If? I did, would you let him go, so he won’t starve?
    Mickey: Yes, but you must promise to stay here forever.
    Bugs: When I look in your eyes, it’s like Marvin the Martian is looking back, so you have my word.
    Mickey: Done!

    (Bugs does take the toon throne soon.)

  • Melissa Tenneson Says:

    I loved this one when I was a? kid!! Good life lesson for Pluto!

  • trceb Says:

    I remember watching this as a? child and being traumatized lol Poor little pluto!

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