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    WDW 2010 – Part 2: We head out to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for another chilly, but great day! WDW `10 – Part 1: www.youtube.com WDW `10 – Part 2: www.youtube.com WDW `10 – Part 3: www.youtube.com WDW `10 – Part 4: www.youtube.com

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  • momo4895 Says:

    ok, yeah? that makes sense.. last time I went was in 2007 and then I went again in late 2009

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    I believe 2008 is when? the name changed.

  • momo4895 Says:

    do you know when they changed the name from MGM to hollywood? studios?

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    Yes you should! It’s a great? park!

  • momo4895 Says:

    Last time I went to hollywood studios it was called MGM studios,? boy I haven’t been there in a while, I should go again soon!

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    I was? using a little snapshot camera that films HD, so I don’t think anyone saw me with it! I understand why they don’t want you to have it, but I had it tethered to my wrist so there was no chance of dropping it.

  • mardgreen88 Says:

    awesome that you could film rockin rollercoaster, my friend got? yelled at just for taking a picture. haha.

  • chelsfavs Says:

    @1:50, I went on that when I was like 5 yrs? old, and I was freaking out. I thought the shooting was all real. Haha.

  • bellaella16 Says:

    The? great movie ride!!! my favorite!!!

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    Thanks for the compliment! I should be back? soon and I’m probably going to be doing videos again but from a different approach!

  • kc7zja Says:

    Seen all 4 and love? it. I’m a big Disney fan and it’s good to see a high quality video posted. Excellet editing and sound score. Keep up the good work!

  • putte160 Says:

    ToYStory 4? my life <333333333333

  • jhardy952 Says:

    disney tomm? for meee

  • neenasky08 Says:

    rockin rollercoaster,? best ride there!

  • lewisgiles Says:

    Thanks man much appreciated. Now I can edit my video? from 2 years ago.

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    I use a mix? of Final Cut and iMovie!

  • lewisgiles Says:

    Forgot to ask what video? editing software did you use? Many Thanks.

  • lewisgiles Says:

    Great Video dude, brings back? some great memories.

  • kycruisecrazy Says:

    Just? brings back the wonderful memories of going. Can’t wait to go back again. Love the RnR video too!!

  • peteyluv1 Says:

    @drumguyrobc thx for? the tips!!!!

  • Disneyworker6 Says:

    great vid it looks like you had a great? time down here!!

  • Iceydex Says:

    lol, they have rock n rollercoaster at paris and it is exactally the same!!! at the begining i couldnt actually breath becuase it went soo fast, and they have the tower of terror and you feel like your coming out of? your seat, its exactaly the same!

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    Alton Towers is pretty cool! It doesn’t? quite have the magical sense that Disney has, but it’s a pretty great park nonetheless! Who’s stereotyping?!

  • johnam55 Says:

    I’m going next year for holiday we don’t have stuff as good as this in the? uk it’s all boring. Oh 1 last thing stop sterotyping us were not posh! The only posh people are the queen and upper class familys

  • drumguyrobc Says:

    @littlejellybeans97 I definitely can’t pick a best ride, but I will give you my personal favorite attractions! At Magic Kingdom, the Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain are my favorite rides and Mickey’s Philharmagic is my favorite show. At Epcot, Sourin’ is incredible, and DO NOT leave the park until you’ve seen Illuminations! At the studios, Tower of Terror and Rockin’ Rollercoaster are general favorites, don’t? miss the stunt show either. At Animal Kingdom, Everest and don’t miss the Nemo show!

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