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    Welcome to ” Kick TV3 ” YouTube Channel. we are posting these videos for entertainment use only. animation stories and episodes and interactive learning channel, where learning time is fun time! Millions of children have learned how to have fun learning their essentials such as Fun stories, epics, abcs and 123’s etc. History of FILM and ANIMATION : The tradition goes back all the way to the earliest days of animation with Winsor McCay’s short Gertie the Dinosaur, which shows a live-action narrator (specifically, a “live” actor, instead of a filmed one) interacting with an animated landscape and character (Gertie). In one scene, the narrator appears to throw a real orange which is caught by Gertie (the real orange is replaced by an animated one just as it leaves the narrator’s hand), and the film climaxes with a scene in which the narrator enters the animated landscape (again, replaced by an animated version) and takes a ride on the famous dinosaur’s back. In the later days of silent film, the popular animated cartoons of Max Fleischer included a series where his cartoon character Koko the Clown interacted with the live world; for example, having a boxing match with a live kitten. In a variation on this concept, Walt Disney’s first directorial efforts (years before Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was born in 1927 and Mickey Mouse in 1928) were the animated Alice Comedies short cartoons, in which a young live-action girl named Alice interacted with animated cartoon characters. In

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