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  • phrozen17 Says:

    is the? audio out of sync for anyone else?

  • TheBeardedThinker Says:

    lol badass information?

  • rockapartie Says:

    He’s responsible for the demotion of Pluto from planetary status. I liked Pluto. Ergo? I do not like you.

  • EmpereurNapoleonex Says:

    Neil is “planet-ist”? jk lol 😀
    I love him on NOVA!

  • StandingRedPanda Says:

    Oh, christ! I listen to his Star? Talk radio show and there’s always someone that mentions Pluto. Neil will never sleep comfortable ever again!

  • lollers21435 Says:

    Dear Nasa
    You mom thought i was big enough
    sincerely,? Pluto

  • kx32ta1 Says:

    The way he described pluto it makes? me think that we are plutos foster parents and when it reached 10 years old it was adapted and went home to its real family. haha

  • ehhhhhhhhhh Says:

    If people? had as much sympathy and passion for other people as they do for that tiny ball of ice, things would be better on this planet.

    I can’t believe how concerned people are about this.

  • drdontcare123 Says:

    Hey……….don’t be down Pluto. Even though the facts and all evidence say otherwise, I still support you and you’re still a planet in my book buddy. Stay? strong Pluto………stay strong.

  • RespectMyHate Says:

    Neil? tyson secretly believes in God.

  • cdamrow Says:

    I am a huge Neil fan too. . . My band is even named Talk to Pluto. We have a? very high level of geek in our little rock band!

  • GoSuMonSteR Says:

    Can’t wait until NDGT comes back to? my city. I’ll be the first one there.

  • MikeSarno Says:

    I nominate Neil to be the one who tells? the god of the underworld that we took away his planet.

  • check86 Says:

    I? could listen to Neil talk all day

  • abyssofdreams Says:

    Me wants the whole interview!
    Thanks? for posting 😀

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